Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Vomit Inducing Bin Laden kill glorified by Bill Clinton for Barack Obama

Not only did the sorry sack of Arkansas whack fail to follow up on leads to capture Bin Laden after his first attempt at the World Trade Center in 1996, this document was on his daily briefing desk in 1998 giving specific avenues for future attacks.  The security checks implemented for the period of time anticipated by this piece of information were temporary.  What a pathetic negligent POS --  Bill Clinton is one sorry waste of flesh,  and so is the low life he's trying to support.  Sleazy Slime Balls, both of them.

This one document was no doubt, one of many, and there's enough information in it to have given the skirt chasing sleaze hole a reason to implement at least some stronger restrictive procedures, especially when they had tested the unnamed, but high profile airport in NYC, easily passing all security check points.   It's no doubt they took longer to prepare for an even larger attack with more dead and devastated when they realized their easy way in, and their ability to gain access..  Game changer.. Go Bill, you negligent POS.