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More Letters From Afghanistan ~ UPDATED

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McCain and Petraeus (UNCLASSIFIED)
"CTim-113 CAV CMO"

To:Laura S

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED                                               Mon, July 4, 2011 10:20:41 AM

McCain and Petraeus (UNCLASSIFIED) 

Caveats: FOUO

We had John McCain and Gen Patreaus here today,..should have seen the
Dog and pony show, not to say the wasted manpower to cover down on their
security. Patreaus was here to conduct a mass 200 Soldier
Reenlistment,..What You say???...that's right!,...Quit chasing bad guys
and move your manpower to cover their security. Total Political Dog and
pony,...If they were here to visit JCOP's ( Joint Combat Outposts) to
tell the common Soldier Great Job,..I could see it. You know,.. battle
field circulation,..Maybe they were here to tell the Division Commander
and RC East Command,.."Get ready to Embrace the SUCK!"....Do more with
less,..Pull out because that's the will of the people??..OR is it a
Political promise??.... I don't know. HA!

My friends Escorted both of them around Iraq. One of my best buddies
used to run with Patreaus in the mornings..I could tell you
stories,..maybe later,...both are very savvy in the political arena.

On a great note, our Task Force has taken more Insurgents off the battle
field than any other Active Army unit since the start of this war
according to the Division Intel people. One of our 2BCT sister
Battalions killed 400 Insurgents in about 8 hours. Look up 2/34 Infantry
Division, may find the articles.

We had a Specialist from the 1st CAV out of Ft Hood tell one of our Lt's
that since the LT was a guard guy he did not have to listen to him. I
would have went ballistic!!!,...This 1ST CAV outfit is not half the
division that 101st or 10th Mountain is, opinion only. I think the
1st CAV probably has some great leaders and the 2 Star, General Allyn is
very good,...some of their officers are just fools....My opinion is your
either really competent or you're a "West point Ring Knocking Shit
Bag",...I think that is a proven statement.

Sorry,..I'm Ranting,...Anyway,.....Happy 4th of July to you and
yours,...10 days and a wake up and I should be on a plane out of
here, work here is done,...I do hope you keep in should
be able to reach me at my ***  Email if you choose to keep in
touch and I'm back on ****,.. I guess,...for now....until I get
annoyed at it,..with it.

My best to you,

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

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