Monday, July 29, 2019

Wells Fargo Wealth Management Investigated for Unsuitable Investments, Self-Dealing

Wells Fargo Wealth Management Investigated for Unsuitable Investments, Self-Dealing: WELLS FARGO WEALTH MANAGEMENT INVESTIGATED FOR UNSUITABLE INVESTMENTS, SELF-DEALING Posted on Apr 10, 2018 11:58am PDT With Wells Fargo's credit card and savings divisions already disciplined by the Federal Reserve over a fake account scandal during which the bank opened bogus accounts on behalf of its customers, federal officials have begun an investigation into Wells Fargo Wealth Management to determine whether Wells Fargo's investment wing inappropriately sold clients in-house investments using tactics similar to the illicit conduct that permeated the aforementioned credit card and savings scandal. In its investigation of Wells Fargo Wealth Management, the Department of Justice and SEC seek to determine whether the firm breached its duty to investors and used incentives that were inadequately disclosed in order to sell in-house products that were more profitable for the firm, at the expense of its clients' interests. According to an InvestmentNews report, as recently as in 2016, Wells Fargo incentivized its advisers through quotas and bonus pay to steer investment clients into fee-bearing loans and brokerage accounts. The report states that Wells Fargo Wealth Management's quot