Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breaking Through the Gates of The Benghazi Cover Up - Whistleblower defends his boss, Chistopher Stevens

It's no surprise that this administration went for the jugular of  Journalist and Chief White House Correspondent James Rosen of Fox News.  One would be remiss to ignore the work of someone to which the DC bullies would spend a moment out of their full schedules paying close attention....especially if it came from the media outlet this President has touted as untrustworthy and full of attention seeking phony scandal peddlers....

It's no coincidence this report appeared on "Special Report" this past Thursday, January 23, 2014, the day of which the egg tossing antics of some pop punk, Justin Bieber became breaking news and continued to make headlines everywhere for the following several days.  Those antics spun into a whole drug riddled debate of seriousness that all media execs couldn't resist selling,  The real superstars were busy solving the world's problem[s] with heroic success, shown here.

This story will not go away.  Make no mistake: Attacking these brave reporters, whistle blowers, and investigators will do nothing but expose the guilty further than the evidence does already.  There will be Justice for Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Dougherty .. despite the massive efforts of this administration to keep the truth from coming out, Thanks to these persevering persistent purveyors of Truth.