Monday, July 29, 2019

Wells Fargo Wealth Management Investigated for Unsuitable Investments, Self-Dealing

Wells Fargo Wealth Management Investigated for Unsuitable Investments, Self-Dealing: WELLS FARGO WEALTH MANAGEMENT INVESTIGATED FOR UNSUITABLE INVESTMENTS, SELF-DEALING Posted on Apr 10, 2018 11:58am PDT With Wells Fargo's credit card and savings divisions already disciplined by the Federal Reserve over a fake account scandal during which the bank opened bogus accounts on behalf of its customers, federal officials have begun an investigation into Wells Fargo Wealth Management to determine whether Wells Fargo's investment wing inappropriately sold clients in-house investments using tactics similar to the illicit conduct that permeated the aforementioned credit card and savings scandal. In its investigation of Wells Fargo Wealth Management, the Department of Justice and SEC seek to determine whether the firm breached its duty to investors and used incentives that were inadequately disclosed in order to sell in-house products that were more profitable for the firm, at the expense of its clients' interests. According to an InvestmentNews report, as recently as in 2016, Wells Fargo incentivized its advisers through quotas and bonus pay to steer investment clients into fee-bearing loans and brokerage accounts. The report states that Wells Fargo Wealth Management's quot

Sunday, June 2, 2019

10 Unforgettable Rage Against the Machine Moments

Remember this Country was founded just a second ago, in relative scale time, by those from OTHER Countries. Some of the written supposed truth of our "History" doesn't quite jive with it's own narrative. Some great people with HUGE Passion for Freedom and developing a Great Society where all have a chance to become as great as they want made the guidelines with The Bill Of Rights, The Constitution, etc. YES, as in every Country of all degrees of "Civility" - Some have NONE, some lie and just give typical lip service to their Humanity...and THAT lip service is all we have to go by... But point being, there is no PERFECT society, but there's one that works the best, and that's one that employs a "Laissez-Faire" style of ruling. A Country ruled "By the People, FOR The People" Boy did we drop the ball on holding their feet to the fire on that! The media used to be considered Government Watchdogs, and they, too, became drunk with wealth and power. These talented bands, I love these guys..always have, and then even more when they became Audioslave with the Legendary Chris Cornell...Also have a fondness for Zak De La Rocha and his passion to be a force of change in a World of Injustices against specific groups oppressed by those who claim to be giving them "social Justice", or any other kind of hand up. Viva Zapata! ~ Lines get blurred as both sides of Gov't have their deceit, hypocrisy, and crimes against us all to never be accountable.. It is enraging, infuriating and could make the most calm, sedate decent human, if correctly informed, want to RAGE AGAINST THE ENTIRE MACHINE and those who operate within or just like them in other entities ranks and institutions encountered daily. This Country was Great because of the Diversity, and then because we learned some hard, harsh and brutal lessons. "Live Free or Die" is a motto we can NEVER forget or quit FIGHTING HARD FOR. UNITED, HOWEVER, IS THE ONLY WAY. The divide and conquer, or be conquered has proven that it is the most effective used tool ever, and it's the tool that's used by the power drunk, money hungry despots in the world. The scariest thing ever to The machines that we rage against is when the people unite. They feared musicians who drew massive crowds, of all races, religions, male, female, young, less than young, every group you could ever try to divide us into --- All created by THE MACHINE for it's own survival and Power. ONE, we are one. FIGHT AS A UNITED FRONT OF HUMANS WHO REFUSE to "do what they told ya" and tell you you're a member of ANY f***ing Group!!!! We are all, by the human race, one big group who has The Machine Against Us. Whooooo-RAAAAH!!! Fuck THE MACHINE!!! #DeepState #Democrats #Liberals #TheLeft #Socialists #SocialismKills #CommunismComing #LiveFreeOrDie #UnitedWeStand #DividedWeAllFall #NeverForget #ThoseWhoDivideWantToConquer #GlobalismSucks #GlobalismKills #BackToOurValues #TheBillOfRights #TheConsitution #WakeUp #DemocratsPimpOutHate #RageAgainstTheEnemiesOfTheStateWithin #WalkAway #MAGA