Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Brilliant Conservative Woman Has A Feeling that Doom is Coming our Way

I feel ya girl. In less than a year, we could very well be at the bottom of the list with 3rd world countries, economically. Gas prices won't sustain interstate commerce, shelves will be bare, our investments will disappear. The stock market will no longer represent what it was founded on, as the German's will buy it out and run it. A gallon of milk could be 12 bucks or more that soon. PLUS, we're already seen as a weak ass country in the eyes of the rest of the world. From the strongest to the weakest in a couple of years.. How proud we should be. Liberals will allow the ways of Islam to have it's way, ignorant to the major destruction and loss of freedom no matter how hard we fight. Just for starters. This country has been raped, pillaged and destroyed by an attacker from within. We can only hope what's right with the world will rise to the surface. This is not the free country we grew up in. No American or patriotic values exist like it did.. Something's going to happen. I've been feeling it too, for a while. I just wish we had a military in the public sector to protect us from the private sector who are enabling, creating our demise. We need a fucking revolution to throw Obama and his minionstrators into oblivion, then put them on trial for their disgusting crimes and hideous actions they've taken to ruin the United States of America. I can't believe no one is hauling his ass into the halls of impeachment. He's already ignored Issa's Oversight Committee and their subpoenas for specific documents. The deadline has passed. I'm hoping no information for now is good, as they're forming a strategy to get him for that, initially, then let all corruption break out into the open. It's so there, and insiders have insinuated for others to let the "big guys" go after this. There is definitely something there, he (the insider) knows for a fact, and it's huge, but the 'big guys' must be left to the job at hand, as not approaching it effectively could be "perilous" for others. I hate this uneasy, off balanced feeling that anything could happen. We've already seen the magnitude of the past "anything" that happened. We also know that anything can surpass that magnitude this time around... just hope it comes down on the ones who have it due to them. (him)

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