Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Evil Prevails When Men Do Nothing to Stop It

Tonight, Sean Hannity of Fox News said that if Reagan were in office, those Somali Pirates who murdered four American Christian missionaries would have been blown to pieces. That is probably true. I guarantee we wouldn't have sat there, as was done under this Obamination, and watch them get by.
There was no question who the sick f***s were, we were there standing by, as if it were a spectator sport. Bodies found, killers identified. Killers confined to a vessel on the sea. BLOW THOSE BARBARIC SUBHUMANS TO BITS!!!
It is undeniable that weak appeasement and inaction only furthers these scum sucking sacks of wasted flesh to continue their evil acts of vile human destruction. Evil prevails when nothing is done to stop it.
To do nothing, in the face of acts of PURE EVIL is to ENABLE EVIL. To enable Evil, is to promote Evil. To promote Evil is to BE EVIL.
Evil acts originate from fearful, weak, insignificant men who need to overcompensate for their shortcomings by committing senseless, unprovoked evil acts of aggression and violence, torture and murder as well as by PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE INACTION in response to or to prevent these atrocious actions.
Obama's passive aggressive inaction is as weak, pathetic and disgustingly evil as the actions of the dirt bag terrorists that he bows down to and symbolically does the same by DOING NOTHING!