Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letter from DOJ, ATF regarding new forms for sales of weapons to Illegals

Regardless of the inconveniences imposed on responsible FFL Weapons Dealers and this sorry sack of scum bags colluded in whatever scheme they've got going on to, as we NOW know is either 1. For Political Gain and Power Grabs 2. To get themselves out of trouble no matter how guilty they obviously are, how much the evidence proves it, at any cost.   

There are no other reasons for this administration, the DOJ, the Department of Jokers, to do ANYTHING in their minds, as they've become consumed with and don't have much time for all these corrupt activities.  These Jokers are actually the most Crooked Criminals in our Government, second only to Numero Uno, El Presidente ala Loco ...   The Top Dawg of Depraved Drudgery - The Daily Degraded Doer of Devil's Deeds... DONE..and not dirt cheap.. to our chagrin.  The letter is not a ticket to sell to illegals.  

A GOOD Solid, prosperous, and successful Arms Dealer wouldn't think of sinking to this administration's level, as the fumes from Fast and Furious still toxify the air around them, by selling to illegals.  You can turn ANY prospective buyer down, just on your gut feeling alone.  No one needs the business bad enough to sink to the baseness of Obama and Holder who are willing to let thousands spill their blood of life for their agenda to remove arms from law abiding citizens, yet boost the arsenals held by  hardened drug dealers and known killers.   SCREW YOU OBAMA, YODER, HOLDER, BREWER, NEWELL, and the rest of you worthless low life, trash..  Obama, WE MADE YOU, and not one cent in your slimy pocket came from lifting a finger of work other than to lift your Executive Ordering Pen to do what your predecessors worked with others, following rules to accomplish.  You never earned a penny in your life, unless whoring homo sex is "work".  

You resent the American People for their ingenuity, resolve, and undying fortitude to work how ever hard they have to to make it, to get by, or get to their goals,  YOU, are nothing but a Parasite - Hideous Hell Spawn.  Soon, you will be so FAR GONE.   And missed by none.  God Bless America.

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