Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Real Agenda of Executive Order 13575 ~ The Rural Council ~ It Effects Us All

The Constitution in PerilImage by Renegade98 via FlickrMore in depth informative insight. I am by no means a political student, scientist, pundit, or anything more than a concerned citizen with a hunger for knowledge and information from all fronts, the left, the right, the center, outer space, conspiracy theorists, and The White House (aka 'outer space')..  This administration has been a conspiracy from the start. No theory.. A 'theory' approach insinuates that there are suspicions that MIGHT lead to ominous or shady ulterior motives and deceptive goals and actions by certain officials who do not have the power or are in  positions that would make them in conflict with legal, ethical, moral, truthful activities. Theories are unproven ideas based on information.  The hard, fast facts are in our face, so there's no theory of conspiracies taking place, there are undeniable facts that back it up.  Unfortunately the uniform conspiracy theorists who are so desperate to find corrupt intentions in every major event implicating the most unbelievable suspects as guilty conspirators have to put their nose into actual unscrupulous, ill-intended, contracted and executed in deceit putting a discredited endorsement on true issues of serious concern.  Mr. Jones has some bits and pieces right, on some issues, but the excessive, sensationalized dramatizing is not serving the public or the people well.  Tone it down and give people the information to come to their own conclusions based on the facts, from solid credible sources, and input from a variety of angles of those with some experience as well as those who seem to put  a common sense approach to deducting their own ideas..

This is on the Official White House web site listed under executive orders on or around June 6 ~ June 9, 2011, consistent with Congressman Weiner's monopoly on the media and the public's attention.  Its summary is extensive and comprehensive.  It should allow one to see that in this piece of so called legislation, ANYTHING goes, as far as what the President, (tyrant) wants to do.  He's already created undue mental anguish and losses to some farm land owners in rural Texas.  The swiftness at which this man takes care of shady business is record breaking, and the part of the job he enjoys, screwing, duping, demoralizing, and devaluing American citizens and our Country, then screwing off on the golf course, basketball court, and in the WH media room watching ESPN, after an intimidating rant and temper tantrum or two just to keep the staff in  their repressed places.. with scared faces.

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