Saturday, February 4, 2012

The King's Fling

King Obama Kills Freedom of Speech

By The Blue Collar Blog

Signing Statements, Recess Appointments, circumventing Congress – basically doing whatever the heck he wants with absolutely no regard for law and due process. I’m no basher who just nonstops slams our President for every blessed move he makes but this is just outright typical for some 3rd world Chavez-like despot. Not the President of the United States. 

In the dead of night he signs the National Defense Authorization Act a Bill which gives the President the authority to hold ANYONE with no evidence of any wrongdoing for an indefinite amount of time. This blatant assault on our Freedoms even brought out a natural ally for Obama the ACLU to bring a suit against the White House. Imagine …for hundreds of years in our young nation it was Congress that was overseeing the activity of the military. All matters concerning what direction our forces take always had to be cleared through Congress. This dynamic no longer exist. Now if he wanted to he could right now incarcerate Paul Ryan and do it without any cause and he would be well within his right. On its’ own this is a outrage but fear not more anarchy to come. The next attack on our civil liberties now is in the form of a fancy acronym SOPA. Stop Online Piracy Act. The sales pitch is to “POLICE” Rogue Sites that steal America’s innovative and creative products that happens to attract more than 53 billion visits a year and threatens more than 19 million American jobs. Might sound somewhat noble until you look a little deeper into the unintended consequence which is Censorship. The signing of this broad base bill would in fact give the White House control of ALL that is put on the internet. This profligate piece of legislation is a cybernetic attack on our most precious Freedom the rite of Free Speech. It has spurred all sorts of protests from site giants as Google, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, Yahoo and AOL.

This Baby-Step March to the coronation of Emperor Obama is an Outrage! We need to look at this and see just how draconian this dismantling of the greatest nation in the world is happening right before our eyes. It is our duty as stewards of this great Free Nation to protect her! As Reagan said it only takes one generation to lose our freedoms. Stop Obama and his recklessness. He is no fan of freedom only his own and his elites. This is by far the most important election of our time. He is living up to his claim of “Fundamentally Changing the United States of America” not on my watch. 

The Blue Collar Blog