Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's the Real Problem With Gun Violence?

This run for gun control by this administration (Obama) has been something many clued in Americans have anticipated since 2008.  Upon his election, law abiding citizens lined up and spiked gun sales in the U.S. increasing the demand and making for more lax laws in pre-emptive measures of more stringent ones on the way.   First term Obama started with his Fast and Furious "program".   It wasn't botched; him and Eric Holder got busted after one of our finest courageous warriors, Brian A. Terry, a young Border Agent, Marine, and dedicated Patriot, was killed by a gun put in violent drug cartel members' hands to do just what they did..... create tragedy and "issues" with U.S. guns proving to be a "problem".  

Yes, they are a problem when this "amateur" group of corrupt chimps get hold of them or try to control them.  Fact is, there is NOT a gun violence problem, and there wasn't one when they sent the mentally ill Jared Loughner out to kill Gabby Giffords in Arizona.    Congresswoman Giffords was shot in the head, her assistant killed, as well as a conservative judge by the wild spray of bullets randomly aimed at the crowd killing too many others including a little girl who wanted to see Ms. Giffords speak, as she was interested in going into politics already in her first decade of life cut short.

It's no coincidence that Giffords was a pro-gun activist, a Democrat Congresswoman in Arizona at the time ATF Agents were blowing whistles on the Fast and Furious Operation, and went to Congresswoman Giffords with the issue.   Loughner was swept away, and we never heard a word from the ME.P. recruit since...other than his life sentence with no chance of parole in a high security prison where his story will no doubt, never be told, at least not in the near future.

These manufactured mass killings continued.   The last, tragically, with a cast of actors, one specifically getting filmed in his actor swagger right before speaking as a bereaved father of one of the children lost in the Sandy Hook Massacre... Laughing, joking, then prepping to get into "character" ....  Disturbing it was..  almost as disturbing if it were really true.   Our children our safe.   They could be safter if they were not held in public soft targets all day.  Knowing their schools are soft targets makes it a prime favorite spot to spew bullets by many violent suicidal sickos.  This one was beyond heinous, and This Fraud used a Lanza boy, the son of a Lanza sitting on the economic advisory board, a tax counsel for G.E. to testify in the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit including Obama, Holder, Dunn, Pelosi, et all, including Banksters, who embezzled, laundered, and used foreign banks to skim into their own personal accounts.. I know, shocker, as if we didn't know we were being ripped off, literally by this fraud.

If he were so concerned with our children, maybe he'd put together a responsible budget so that we don't drown them in debt before they're born, much less under 10 and have a lifetime of struggle and strife ahead of them because of this America busting Beat Down Obama is putting on us.

So let it be known... Gun Violence WAS NOT A PROBLEM.   It became a problem when Obama got into office and wanted to disarm the public from the start, he made it a problem, and at this point, he's ruined those children's lives already, by debt or by sword, he's picking both, as gun violence was not a problem, and with his agenda, good people will be sitting ducks for the bad guys who will kill them for survival, or because like this President, is just full of Hatred and Resentment for America and her people.    


WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DICTATOR, and out of control Gov't, a Tyrannical Gov't that is trying to wipe out the Second Amendment so that we have no recourse to defend ourselves..not from criminals on the street, but the criminals in D.C.. The people who work FOR US.   They got lost in all the power drunken greed and the ease to which they found controlling and stealing better than crack and then run amok...

Some folk hero will save the day.  Count o it.