Thursday, May 16, 2013

Benghazi Outrage will NEVER dwindle until the faces of this disgrace are out of our FACE.

The sickest thing EVER is that this whole time they KNEW exactly what happened and they KNEW They were emphatically LYING as the crap was spewing from their LIE HOLES. This is them WILLFULLY, KNOWINGLY PURPOSEFULLY LYING... Now go believe one f***ing word either one of these vile piles says EVER AGAIN...

"For reasons known best to themselves, President Obama and Secretary Clinton had made a very big deal of this attack being the result of an obscure video made by a Copt immigrant in California, despite the fact that Secretary Clinton knew for a fact that it was an al Qaeda terror attack. Though this seemed like a transparent lie all along, Obama and Clinton took it all around the world, to Pakistan, to the U.N., making a big moral case against “those who defame Islam,” though no one had. We learned last week at the long awaited Benghazi hearings, that the second in command in Libya – Gregory Hicks, had told Mrs. Clinton himself, as it waged, that the attack was conducted by professional terrorists. Beth Jones, the career Ambassador who is the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East, was told the same thing by the President of Libya, a fact she undoubtedly did not keep to herself.

We also learned that Mr. Hicks was among those stunned and horrified to learn that none of the available military assets within range of Libya were allowed to deploy there to attempt to save the Ambassador and the three other men. Four Special Ops officers on a tarmac in Tripoli, eager to help, were not allowed to go. Persistent orders to “stand down,” came from the White House, where Secretary Clinton and others were watching the events unfold in real time. President Obama, it seems, did not watch. He went to bed. Then he woke up and got on a plane to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. His priorities. Not the priorities of a Commander in Chief." From TownHall today