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Uncovered News not seen or heard on fox or anywhere

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March 10, 2011 1:25:42 PM CST
Uncovered News

There are HUGE stories from the last couple of weeks that I haven't seen any major news organization mention - not even Fox News. I know they've really had their hands full with Charlie Sheen. So here's what you might have heard had they decided to report real news. 

*** Protest Demonstrations Against the New Military Rulers in Cairo and other Egyptian cities. Did you know that large demonstrations have taken place against the new Egyptian government? Has the media covered this? This has huge significance for those of us who believed that in toppling Mubarak, Obama was making it possible for the Muslim Brotherhood to eventually come to power. The media's not covering this, because their story was that the military government would keep things calm until the September elections. However, they've not been able to prevent these large demonstrations across Egypt. No doubt this is a push by the Iranian-backed Muslim Brotherhood. 

*** HUNDREDS of US, British and French military advisers have arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya's eastern breakaway province. Did you know the AMERICAN MILITARY IS ON THE GROUND IN LIBYA!? Why isn't the media covering this! 

*** IRAN ADMITS ITS NUCLEAR REACTOR AT BUSHEHR WAS PERMANENTLY DISABLED by the Stuxnet computer virus. Russia has advised Iran to empty the fuel out of the reactor, and they have done so. Why hasn't this story made the news?

*** US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on February 25th that the Future US Army will be smaller and will not engage in large-scale wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. Is there any better way to destroy the American way of life than to dismantle its military and make it incapable of engaging in large-scale wars? Nothing would invite an attack from a strong power more than this show of weakness. But of course we knew this is exactly what Obama would do to America.

*** IRAQ'S LARGEST OIL REFINERY (at Baiji) WAS BLOWN UP ON February 26th. It was blown up by an al Qaida cell activated by the IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS' Al Qods Brigade. Tehran is using the middle East turbulence to generate fuel shortages in Iraq and boost oil prices worldwide. Did anyone cover this!? Could the media be bothered to bring us this huge story that IRAN has blown up IRAQ'S largeset oil refinery!

*** February 24th saw the first signs of unrest in Saudi Arabia with demonstrations by young people demanding political reforms and by minority Shiites living and working in the eastern oil centers.

*** Skyrocketing oil prices have wiped out any damage from UN sanctions against Iran.

*** Hours after the UN Security Council unanimously imposed sanctions on Muammar Qaddafi on February 27, his regime reactivated its air force and began flying troop reinforcements to Tripoli. The sanctions were a complete failure (as they always are). Obama touted these sanctions as a show of his strength and resolve in toppling Qaddafi. He failed. 

The upshot of all this is that IRAN is behind the uprisings in the middle east. And Obama has yet to lift a finger against Iran. Uprisings in countries that were friends of the U.S. were Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Tunisia. Obama has made public statements supporting the uprisings in most all of these countries. He has therefore been a friend to our enemies and an enemy to our friends.

The United States is losing influence in the Middle East and the world is becoming a far more dangerous place because of Obama's insistence on supporting our enemies and defriending our friends.

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