Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting Back To BENGHAZI - Enemies Within - They're here in the U.S. AND in THE WHITE HOUSE

The Egyptian Crisis has been in a media censored black out. So has knowledge, which threatens the power of those in control, shifting it to the public. LET KNOWLEDGE EMPOWER US, don't let it slip by and destroy US. Look at the big picture, see the distractions for what they are --- DISTRACTIONS.... 100 PERCENT MEDIA Blackout by a plane crash....We should have been plugged into Egypt, not the plane crash. It was a tragic accident that didn't call for the excessive coverage blacking out any information on the WH's statement in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt, not the plane crash was the headline, the plane crash was breaking serious news to be given it's due air time, not 36 hours straight. Zimmerman's case was politicized to divide and distract.... And the rest of the fodder that takes us further away from the Crimes of the Corrupt Crew in Washington-- BENGHAZI. Don't forget the REAL THREAT.

Muslim terrorists bombed this country again in Boston. They'll never tell us who was REALLY behind it.