Saturday, March 31, 2012

He's Looking Forward to a Post American World, and in The Book About This World

The screen shot above is the index, and Obama, Barack is listed in it as can be found by looking inside on the Amazon site, in the index pages.  

This picture seemed completely symbiotic with this guy's agenda, and no shock to me.  In fact I thought  out loud, shoot, he's probably IN the book.  Haha, half kidding around.  Well surprise, surprise, he IS in the book.  It would be hilarious if it weren't so despicably disgusting.  This is supposed to be "the President" of the United States of America, and he is in a book about the world after America's fall.  The denial by "the author" of his book being about this country's demise only confirms it.  If he wasn't thinking about it, he wouldn't pre-emptively deny the allegation.  Simple minds are easy to read.  The mind of an evil genius is even easier to predict.  This is a Poster Child example for TREASON.  America, wake up and vote the tyrannical traitor out of his destructive, power grabbing, America hating position that should allow a true American to hold with this country's best interest in mind.  Not Obama's interest in downsizing, downgrading , dividing and ultimately destroying this country. 
NO American - black, white, brown, mixed, of any religion or socioeconomic class will
escape the world of hurt coming out way under the iron fist of Barack Hussein Obama and
his bent intent to devastate us all.