Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sounds crazy coming from Greta and Donald Trump that the nixing of Obama's big Fiasco would work for him because it's demise would allow for the economy's ability to turn around much stronger and quicker, and if that happens he'll have stronger re-election stats.     Well, sorry, but Obama doesn't want the economy to improve, that should be clearer than the light of day or dark of night, it is his agenda to break this country.   As far as getting re-elected, he's slipped way too many times about "When He's re-elected" that it doesn't take Sherlock freakin' Holmes to see that he KNOWS the same corrupt machine is bigger and better oiled than the one that ushered him in three and a half horrifying years ago.

He is so arrogant, talks about his next term as if its a given, it's made me believe the election and the majority's voice means NOTHING.   The election is as rigged and corrupted as it could be, surpassing the joke of a fraudulent election that got this non-leader in in the first place.   Obama doesn't want the economy to improve, and he couldn't care less about the rising gas prices, in fact he encourages and continues to manipulate the market to raise them AND electricity prices higher and higher.  Plus his Hedgefester molester of currency buddy, George, the old coot, Soros, is betting on our dollar to tank.. he's not far from that bank.  So darn it, make the rich psychopathic reptile richer before he drops dead, he looks like he's outlived his expiration date.   Might need a little nudge in the right direction.. Come on natural causes, this is for a cause... Make it naturally GOOD.

ObamaCare's Fate in Court's Hands




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