Saturday, April 23, 2011

Will Audacity Be the Theme? It will have to unless Obama gets a lobotomy

First page of Constitution of the United StatesImage via WikipediaIn this campaign of which the so called 'President' has already embarked upon, one might wonder

*  Will Obama wear the Flag pin showing his patriotic "love" for this country and its people?
     If so ~ How will he explain his change of a staunch unyielding stance he took while giving us a clear indication, hard, fast evidence that this Bum is ANTI-AMERICAN?

     If not ~ Will the Media snap out of it and give him grief for it THIS time?  Will he admit that it's symbolic of his resentment for this nation, and Western civilization, hence the subsequent returning of the bust of Winston Churchill to the U.K. and the endless list of anti-American action and inaction that kept us shaking our heads for the first half and into the second half of his term?   He will HAVE to admit to his resentment and desire to destroy this country for everything it was founded upon and all it stands for.   Weaken us, break down our economy, build up a super power Government, coalesce with thugs and conscienceless scumbags.  The Immigration reform meeting that left out every Governor of every border state and all members of government in all border states, period..inviting AL SHARPTON?!! Michael the mayor of NYC Bloomberg, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and Bozo the Fucking Clown!! Are you fucking kidding me? ok, calm, breathe.. The educated idiots, E.I.  (Lenin called them useful idiots) who follow the pied piper into the sewer of disease, illness, despair, disgust, and destruction.

What has he done? Rewind to 2008... The grandiose Hopey Changey thing he proclaimed like a prophetic savior... "Beware the Prophet who speaks so perfectly and seeks a Profit"... His gain, Our Pain.  MY GOD, what other evidence does an ignoramous need?... (wow, this storm is crazy, the power just went out for longer than a flash.. it's wicked out there, yeah, the weather too)..

Had to post before I lost a connection, which I did, but it went through anyway.

This absolute atrocity really gets me and thank God, so many others, so worked up and outraged by disbelief that this could be happening in the United States of America.  Thank the Angels above that an entire movement has jumped on board and kicked it into high gear by the thousands, hundreds of thousands.... It was just a mere several hundred when I first woke up from my ignorant bliss, my dream world, to this insane night mare.  I put these thoughts down as they come, when I'm up for it, as sometimes I can't get it from my thoughts through the CNS to the tips of my fingers.. sometimes it flows effortlessly...  So I leave these small thoughts, the tiny drops in a bucket full of gallons of poisonous liquid Obama is trying to force us to drink.

Remember... This man has waged fiscal warfare against the United States. He ignored, completely disrespected and IGNORED the Oversight Committee's subpoena of the documents that should hold on record where our trillions of dollars have gone... No receipts, no answer, no clue, no impressive metropolis with an underwater world or airspace highway of Jetson style air frisbees.  What the fuck did that thieving lying narcissist spend our money on.  Him and Pelosi went on a binge spending spree and kept NO records?!! BULLSHIT!!!

This man waged internal legislative warfare with the GOP, putting the guise of the Tea Party dissention with the Republicans as the reason for a stalemate.  This psychopath's refusal to give in, compromise, and put a hold on his love affair with spending money on God only knows what and also caused Standard and Poor's to report (regardless of Obama's request for them to keep the information out of the public domain, CRIMINAL, like an inside trader) an impending negative rating on our dollar and our economic standing, basically a AAA rating to a negative, which means fuck the debt ceiling, we won't get a stick of gum on credit.   Mexico won't trade a peso for a buck, we'll be a third world country.... The weakened, sick, divided we fell, spot of useless land...

The storm is blowing like an omen in the dark.  I don't like being too close to the windows, which is what my place is surrounded by--- picture windows, big windows all around it.  Going to the center where it's safe.. Actually, the right side of center is the best place to be right now.  God Bless, good night.
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