Friday, June 17, 2011

Promises Promises ~ We KNOW They're LIES

In 6 seconds the current President, before he "officially" Duped America, made two promises that are the boldest of all history's recorded Politician's falsehoods. This administration's horrific failures are due to record breaking, hideous, undocumented astronomical spending AND this man is the pioneer of CREATING Programs that Do NOT Work... Think about this and the future Choreographed Championed Campaign strategies to come. Believe NOTHING of what you hear, and less than half of what you see.. Smoke and mirrors, distractions for actions, and other outrageous tactics that makes one wonder how a soul on this planet, unless on the receiving end of political advancement and financial incentives, (even then, it's abhorrent) can't see through this ruse, the fraud, the total scam against our nation.... UNBELIEVABLE. Barack Obama thinks We, the people, are stupid. He knows his supporters are. CHANGE his mind, by proving him wrong and voting him OUT. This is our only chance ~ The only HOPE left for this Exceptional Country at a Critical Pivot Point that could make or break her.... WAKE UP AMERICA..THE THREAT TO THE DOWNFALL OF OUR COUNTRY IS IN THE WEST WING..