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Obama the Psychopath, Sociopath, Malignant Narcissist..The list and sources are endless..

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Get Out of Dodge – Update May 29, 2011

Is Obama a Psychopath?
Introduction – What we are going to do here is take a look at Obama as a person with a disability, a mental illness. Seriously. Most of us are patriots, constitutionalists, sovereigns, etc. We have read numerous attacks on Obama constitutionally, legally and so forth. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists and do not interpret his actions within the scope of mental illness. Obama has been diagnosed as a mentally ill individual by several mental health care professionals. Of course this is difficult to do in a true professional sense since they do not have real physical access to this person. In spite of this these professionals have managed to illustrate a number of traits that are common to people suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is an area we have not touched on. Instead we tend to focus on his handlers, secret organizations, black ops etc. I think the subject of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Obama is a credible one and needs to be looked at. I find this answers a lot of questions about Obama. He is more than just an imposter and a fraud. Basically he is full out nuts. He is also a lot more dangerous than one would think. Many of the cruel leaders in history have suffered from the same disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Like who? Well Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong and others. The reason I am pointing this out to you is to make you aware of how dangerous Obama really is. If you read through this you will see how delusional he really is. It will give you a sense of how these manipulative personality types frequently seek careers in politics. They tend to be good at public speaking, they are above average in intelligence and they frequently rise to the top in governments. The people wake up only when it is too late and the death and destruction has begun. Surprisingly many psychologists and psychiatrists are aware of this disorder and how it fits Obama quite well. I would guess since they are licensed by a government they might be a bit reluctant to go ahead and declare the President as a nutcase. In any event it is time we took a look at Obama as one that is severely mentally disturbed. Yes I am being serious. We need all the help we can get when confronted with a guy like Obama.
Recent Signs of His Mental Disability – In the last few days Obama was in the UK. Why I am not sure. The guy took 500 people with him. Imagine the bill for this. He even had the secret service change the window at his hotel suite for some special armored window. What an ego this guy must have. Well it is not an ego thing it is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. To understand Obama, who he is, how he thinks, what is important to him and how he interacts behind the scenes we need to understand the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. First let me objectively show you he is not normal. This will set the stage for him being mentally ill and then we can focus in on the more precise nature of his mental illness. He went to Westminster Abbey and signed the guest book recently in the UK. He wrote the date in using 2008 as the year. Have you ever done that? He even asked someone what the date was and I assume they told him May 24th assuming he knew the year. Here is a link to document this for you and it is undisputed by the way:

Now there are more documented incidents of bats in the belfry with this Kenyan imposter.
Here is a video shot during the Obama campaign where he says he has visited 57 states.

You see Obama's head is so full of his “cover” stories, lies, misrepresentations etc that he has trouble putting the pieces together. As you read on you will learn more about how to understand people who suffer from this disability.
Here is an another incident where he is appointing Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor (horrible choice) and references the constitution as going back 20 centuries. He is not playing with a full deck:

No apology or correction was offered.
Now we see the Kenyan psychopath as referring to Europe as a country:

No apology or correction was offered.
Next we see Obama refer to Austrian as if it is a language versus a nation.

No apology or correction was offered.
Here we see Obama mix up the words piracy and privacy:

No apology or correction was offered.
Now watch Obama without his teleprompter. He talks about giving pediatric asthma patients a breathalyzer. The correct term is a nebulizer for asthma. A breathalyzer is used by police to determine blood alcohol levels in drivers.

No apology or correction was offered.
Here we see Obama reference the city of Eau Claire, WI as a state:

Please note Obama does not go back and apologize for these mistakes.
Michael Savage Head Shrinks the Kenyan Imposter – Michael Savage did a good job of showing the public that Obama is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Here are some videos where he has a psychologist on his show to break it down for you. I will also break it down for you in writing further below, keep reading. Bear with the details at the end I will tie it together for you very nicely and show you where Obama is most likely headed. Obama is not necessarily going to get what he wants but it is good to understand what he is likely to be doing from a perspective of his mental illness. We need to treat this guy as seriously as Hitler in the 1940's since he is in the White House.

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder & the Con Man, Perpetrator of Frauds– As most of us know Obama is a con man and a fraud. His background is a joke. He never went to Columbia but says he did. He attended law school and was head of law review but did nothing and wrote nothing. How the heck did he ever pas the LSAT's. He didn't. How could someone who never finished college pass these tests. They couldn't. He lies about his birth, his use of numerous social security numbers, etc. These are cruel manipulative people. They are of above average intelligence. They fool people. They fool intelligent people, even professionals. The con man is this type of a person. They engage in financial frauds. They are very convincing. They speak well. They lie incessantly. They have the ability to keep most of their lies (stories) straight, most of the time. They are usually failures, lacking an education and skills, yet represent themselves as having an education, fantastic connections, great abilities and able to do things that would make them appear to be exceptional. The dark side sets in when you realize these people have no conscience. They have no problems with causing pain and suffering to others. They have no friends. They only use people. As long as a person is useful to them, they keep them around. When the usefulness stops, they discard them. They can be sadistic towards people, again lacking any conscience. Many of you have come in contact with a Narcissistic Personality con man and may not have known it. Like anything else they come in degrees. Obama is one that is highly polished and has risen to ranks most conmen only dream of. Many of us know that governments are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. What most do not know is that these government leaders responsible for the genocide are people suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We see this disorder present in heads of industry too.
Let's Look at the Famous Psychopath Bernie Madoff – Here we have a prime example of a person with narcissistic personality disorder, a psychopath. He ran a ponzi scheme for decades. Madoff dropped out of law school. He was a big nothing. His mother had some sort of securities business and when the SEC started investigating her she closed it down to get out of the investigation. This was where he got the idea I suppose. He had all the image and trappings of a typical narcissistic con man engaging in financial fraud. There was nothing there but smoke and mirrors. Here are some articles on him that touch on this:
The Talented Mr. Madoff
Madoff had not bought any stocks for 13 years. It was all just made up. See the link:
Madoff Bought No Stocks—for 13 Years
Tied to Madoff was a guy named Sir. R. Allen Stanford. He ran a big multi billion dollar scam using banks. He lived in castles, had fleets of jets etc. Just another ponzi scheme. When his bank was audited billions were missing.
$8bn 'missing' from Allen Stanford's offshore bank
Stanford is in jail on psychiatric medication suffering psychiatric problems. These are just two examples of how high up people with this Narcissistic Personality Disorder can get. Please note there is never anything there. It is all a facade, an illusion. These are people who cannot perform and get results. They are just con men through and through.
The Narcissistic Psychopath's Childhood – Now we are going to start trying to understand Obama. They have bad childhoods as a common thread. Often abused emotionally, violently and sexually. Obamas parents were in a mixed race marriage which was socially sensitive at the time. Not good, a stress inducer. They got a divorce when he was only two, again damaging. Obama only saw his Dad one more time after the divorce before he died in a car accident. Another jolt. Then Obama's mother remarried and they moved to Indonesia. This would be a major culture and language shock. He now had a step father. Another jolt. Then he went off to live with his white grand parents. Again another shock since he looks black and this was decades ago when such things were not so acceptable as today. We are not sure how this went but since he only identifies with black people we can assume it went poorly. He did not see his white mother very much. The narcissistic person (Obama) is reacting to trauma and or abuse during their childhood, usually early childhood. They do not feel good about who they really are. Obama as a kid had it tough. Like a child they go off into a fantasy world where they are not who they really are. They see themselves as someone different than who they are, but this is done in a childish fantasy way. The adult narcissistic personality disorder personality just stays in this fantasy world. He may alter or modify his personality to suit his needs at the time. He is a grown child living in a fantasy world. What is important to him or her is feeding the narcissistic dream only. Their image is what counts. How people see them, treat them, the outward show they can make etc. They need to be treated special as if they are an important person. Some actually become important through the amassing of wealth, ill gotten wealth but this works well in terms of getting penthouses, exotic cars and favored tables in gourmet restaurants. They will do identity theft, financial fraud, etc to live in this fantasy. Their own life is way too painful for them to remain in. They never learn how to cope with their childhood traumas, move on and enjoy life. Their psychological toolset is incomplete. The mental health community has nothing to help these people. The narcissist projects a false self and lives his life through this false self versus developing into a coping adult capable of social relationships that are real. They will shun, reject and get rid of anyone who threatens this false self they have. It is all about keeping this fantasy bubble in tact. Obama never goes around defending himself, his past, his mistakes, etc. He doesn't apologize for shortcomings does he. He cannot handle the stress of dealing with his real past and past life. The fact that he conned his way into the office is moot to him. The fact that he accomplishes nothing real is moot to him. The fact that Quantitative easing is just like a ponzi scheme is moot to him. What is important to him is occupying the office of POTUS, nothing else. These people are intelligent con men. They are extremely poor business people, thus the failed economy in the USA. Being successfully at what they undertake is irrelevant to them. They just want to be able to live in this fantasy existence so they can continue denying who they really are. Holding the office or position is enough. Being good at it is of secondary importance to them, not really a big deal. Madoff got to sit in an ivory tower offering investors a handsome return using other depositors money to pay for this. He paid the people interest from the gross deposits. Eventually he would have a mathematical problem and run out of money. The idea is to keep attracting new depositors all the time to keep the game going. Someone with a seventh grade education can understand the scam. It takes a crazy and yet at the same time intelligent person to make it work and keep it going for many years. He was such a good con it worked for years. Same with Stanford. Once someone got smart enough to audit the situation the house of cards was exposed. Their was no intricate legal structure, no making investments gone bad looking legal, no nothing, just blatant ponzi scheme fraud. These are mentally ill individuals. They lack a conscience and destroy many who trust them. They will rationalize their ripping off of their victims in various psychopathic ways. This is Obama. Problem is now Obama supporters are starting to wake up and realize the dream has become a nightmare. This stage of the waking up of the followers and supporters can throw the psychopaths into a rage. I am afraid we are getting into this rage stage with Obama.
Narcissistic Behavior Patterns as Applied to Obama – This section is a good read if you really want to understand the Kenyan Imposter. We take the classical narcissistic personality disorder traits and apply them to Obama.
Obama Feels Grandiose and Self-Important - What we mean is he exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements. This is Obama. Want to see this in a video. Watch this video of him refusing to salute the US Flag. He sees himself as superior to those around him and those before him. This is a type of messianic complex – oh ye great one sort of thing.

He never went to college yet says he did go to Columbia. Went to law school and was pushed through and even was head of law review although he did nothing when there. You see accomplishing anything at law school was secondary. The important thing to him was being there and head of law review. I maintain he conned someone or some organization to push him into and through law school. Not only did he con them enough to get into the school and not work towards graduating, he also got them to make him head of law review. I wonder who took the bar exam for him? He learned how to really push the envelope with his con jobs. This guy went the extra mile with his con jobs. I do not think he was born into any position where this would be done for him. I do not think he was profiled and passed the screening by the CIA or a like organization. He conned someone to get where he got in law school and then politics. The guy is an idiot and a failure yet holds himself to be one of great accomplishment and importance. He gets away with it because he is a more than decent con man. Remember the jerks nobel peace prize. We understand this nobel peace prize was a sham but to him it feeds his image as a great leader who is finally being recognized for the great man he really is. Can someone say Sieg Heil.
Obama Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance – This is Obama. He snubs world leaders, attacks sovereign states without congressional approval. Violates the constitution freely and frequently. Weird thing he has achieved it. This is the bad news. He has bats in the belfry but got where he is anyway. Doom and gloom.
Obama is firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people – He even changed the look and layout of the oval office. He is an elitist and surrounds himself only with the same to feed the narcissism. This president has even managed to snub almost every political leader by insulting them. This feeds his narcissism since he can snub world leaders and they still come around for more. The other leaders do not realize he is nuts, they think he is prideful, undignified or rude. They did not read this. Obama recently took an entourage of 500 people to meet the newly married members of the UK Royal Family. Air Force one has a jet that look like it as a decoy and this went to. His limousines went. They even changed the glass in his hotel suite to stop bullets etc. Imagine he took 500 people with him. My gosh 20 or 30 would have sufficed.
Obama requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation– Failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious. Well Obama gets a lot of attention and admiration from stupid people. He is also feared. He seems to be working more and more on the fear thing.
Obama feels entitled - Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her unreasonable expectations for special and favorable priority treatment. Obama takes a lot of excessive vacations. Wastes expenses with the jet, personal assistants etc. All flash and show, no substance. Accomplishes nothing. Gets a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.
Obama is devoid of Empathy - Is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, priorities, and choices of others. Ever hear Obama apologize for anything like breaking campaign promises. What about when he said there were 57 states on nationwide TV. He sees no need to apologize. He is above having such a need.
Obama constantly envious of others and seeks to hurt or destroy the objects of his or her frustration - Obama constantly snubs world leaders. He snubs royalty like Queen of England who can be construed as higher up the social ladder than him. He needs to present himself as superior to other world leaders. Scary. Sieg Heil again.
Obama subtly misrepresents facts and expediently and opportunistically shifts positions, views, opinions - These flip-flops do not cause him overt distress and are ego-syntonic (he feels justified in acting this way). Alternatively, reuses to commit to a standpoint and, in the process, evidences a lack of empathy. He does not want to let himself be pinned down. This was Obama on Israel and the borders recently. He first said ok 1967 borders and then meets with Netanyahu and changes off of this altogether. The political positions are not really important to Obama. Just that he gets to play President is all that matters to him. He really doesn't have a position, does he? The position that is important to him is to be the big shot negotiator. He has done nothing about the economy and can care less. Why should he. What counts to him is attention and respect and this he gets in spite of his serious shortcomings as President. He does not care about the people or how good he is at his job. He has no conscience. As long as Obama can operate in his fantasy world denying who he really is, he will be happy. Once this starts unravelling, he will go into a rage. Being POTUS precludes him from just going away and starting a new con with one of his social security numbers and aliases. He may be forced to deal with himself for what he really is and this is going to throw him into a rage since it is so painful and he has no personality skills to cope with his deficiencies. Combine this with the lack of a conscience and you have a recipe for disaster.
Obama feels that he is above the law and especially his own laws - Obama is misusing executive orders. Does not want to go to congress for permission to attack countries. He finds this humiliating. Why should such a great man need to humble himself to the constitution and have to approach congress for permission to wage war and sacrifice lives of Americans. He gives money away like water to other countries yet ignores the plight of his citizens who are homeless. He has no conscience at all, none. remember this. He does not care about others. The narcissist is the one who – vocally and demonstratively – demands the undivided attention of the head waiter in a restaurant, or monopolizes the hostess, or latches on to celebrities in a party. Well any president gets this sort of attention. You may have seen con men in your life who are this way. They will over tip in restaurants to get major attention the next time they come in to seem important to strangers in the restaurant. They will cling to celebrities and big shots if possible to get some social upgrades this way. These people are used as stage props by the narcissist to play their role better.
Obama never admits to ignorance in any field, yet is usually ignorant in most fields - He knows it all. Ever wonder if he read the Obama Care law. Did he understand it? What about the gulf oil spill? Ever hear him explain it? He is ignorant of the issues. The issues are moot, just so long as he gets to be POTUS.
Obama the narcissistic leader prefers the sparkle and glamour of well-orchestrated illusions to the tedium and method of real accomplishments - Obama has accomplished nothing. He does like to play basketball and golf for the cameras. His reign is all smoke and mirrors, devoid of substances, consisting of mere appearances and mass delusions. After the narcissistic leader is gone it all falls apart and the people invariable suffer. Think Bernie Madoff. They are bright people and they fool many educated people.
The Emotional Trouble With Obama Beginning – Now we are going to look at Obama breaking down emotionally and what he might do. Remember Obama is not going to get what he wants, necessarily but he is still a dangerous person.
Where the Trouble with Obama Starts – The problem is the President has vast numbers of people feeding his narcissism. Now after two years into the term many realize he is an idiot and just a windbag who breaks promises, has no real positions on anything and is running the country into the ground. Now this sort of mentally ill person will eventually get mad. He can take this out effectively by firing those around him and ruining their careers. Obama goes through a lot of staff doesn't he? Narcissistic leaders present a chance to get away from the old ways. Think the new oval office, real change verbiage, etc. They go against the old line powers, the established religions, the corrupt order although they too will be corrupt but they overlook their own corruptness since they are special. The narcissist will go against select groups. The term is scapegoats. Minorities, the wealthy, religious groups, national origins, color etc. Look at how Obama care has death counseling for those very sick and the elderly with expensive medical problems. He has no conscience. Now Obama started out with helping the poor by protecting the poor from the corrupt elite. When Obama realizes those he purported to help have turned against him, he will be different. This is already starting. His work as president has been a dismal failure. More and more people are losing homes. More and more people are out of work. Jobs are leaving the country. Wars are an everyday occurrence. Crime is up. The police state is growing by leaps and bounds. People are not happy with this guy. He will never apologize. He will never see clearly that he failed. He will get paranoid. Oh the media have turned the people away from me. A political opposition party tricked them to hate me. Such actions not going to get the people to like him. The people want results and this nut case is giving them just a show that his child fantasy character is putting on for them. You see when Obama delivers an oratory and gets applause he has supplied his needs. He is gratified and done. He has no need to go down in history because he fixed the economy, fixed healthcare, ended wars etc. He just wants the respect and special treatment. The fact that he does not deserve such treatment because he is an incompetent who lied and conned his way into the office is irrelevant to him. Now when this respect stops coming from those that he is trying to help, then he will go into a rage. This is where we are today. What has he done for the poor people? The only people he can be accused of helping are federal employees. They are overpaid and there are way too many of them. Now the fed has talked about borrowing from their retirement fund. The fed is not a trustworthy creditor and when they borrow from the fund they will never pay it back. This will jeopardize the retirement of all the federal employees. Obama cares about no one but himself. Obama is about to go into a rage. His gross failures as a President are apparent. His followers are about ready to admit they have been duped by Obama. Exactly how Obama will act out his rage is a good question, isn't it?
Our Best Guesses Regarding Obama – What I think is he conned the Saudis into supporting him. He speaks fluent Arabic and English. He was exposed to Muslim ideology so it was easy for him to claim to be a Muslim. The Saudis were just another group of people to be fooled by him. This is what he does best. The Saudis fell for this con man. They got him through law school and then into the Senate. After an extremely short time in the Senate without any accomplishments, they projected him into the White House. I do not know what this cost but expect it was in the hundreds of millions. The Saudis probably managed this through the wall street investment bankers. Now that they got this scammer into the White House what do they do with him? He would be very hard to control. Dancing to a handlers music would be a painful reminder to him that he is not who his fantasy image says he is. Look at the mess the Saudis are in now. There are revolutions in wholesale quantities in the middle east. These new regimes hate the Saudis and all they stand for. The days of the Saudis are numbered. I think the middle east revolts are muslim inspired and are going to be a real nightmare. How much are you paying at the pump today compared to last year. The stability in the middle east is out the window. Do you think Obama cares? No! He gets to go and play negotiator and big shot is all he cares about. Being in charge of the military engaged in WWIII would be great for Obama and his mental illness. To quote a line from Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane “ Feed Your Head”. This is all these psychopaths care about, not results or getting a job done. The only political position he has is elevating himself and taking credit for anything he can take credit for with no regard as to whether or not he earned it.
It does appear Obama is also a mason. Here are some pictures of his masonic ring. They were from a Time magazine photo blown up. The masons are just another group of people Obama has to fool. This he excels at and of course he seems to have fooled them too.
Obama's Masonic Ring and Handshake
I do not think Obama is destroying the economy with intent. I think he is just an idiot imposter completely incapable of fixing the economy. I believe things will continue to get worse and worse in the USA. Obama has no reservations about taking dictatorial powers. This he has done, past tense. He executes Americans, tortures them, imprisons them indefinitely without judges, lawyers or courts, wages wars without congressional approval, controls their health care and even has his goons molest men women and children at airports. Now let us look at this. Only a psychopath is going to want the TSA procedures that are allegedly protecting the country. Terrorists can do great harm in the USA without ever going into an airport. There are a plethora of soft targets with extensive emotional value they could hit. They can destroy the way of life in other areas easily. Think about attacks in malls, local train or bus depots, hospitals, schools, universities, nursing homes, etc. Why are there no attacks on these soft targets? Surely you do not think it is because Homeland Security is protecting you? If there was such a terrorist threat why are the borders wide open allowing terrorists and weapons to get in? Bush did 9/11, not terrorists. No amount of airport security would have stopped Bush. The important thing to notice is that the TSA is groping children, small children. Groping women. Taking pictures of innocent people nude in a public place. Humiliating the people further making them walk barefoot in the screening area. This is not healthy by the way. The TSA is being expanded to train stations, bus stations etc. Next will come sporting events, government buildings, schools and other places. Soon you will not be able to escape the molestation by just avoiding the airports. What type of person wants to work for TSA, anyway? Do you see a madman at work yet? SiegHeil.
Trump Again – I think Trump has seen the psych profiles of Obama. He knows about his mental disability. I think Trump is a bright guy. I never met him, do not know him, have no ties to him at all. I think Trump is goal oriented, Driven yes. Has a big ego, my yes. Is Trump insane. No. He could not be insane and accomplish the things he does. If Obama undertook a $300 million dollar condo, golf course project it would never complete. Millions of dollars of funds would be misappropriated on his lavish lifestyle. The money would be used to blow up the publicity and raise money for other projects. Then the makings of a ponzi scheme would begin but the problem would be that the construction would be transparent for all to see and the scam would unravel before long. Obama is not transparent. There is a lot of secrecy to hide behind. Trump is transparent. He files financial statements, people see the construction progress, units selling etc. Okay Trump is not an average guy but most likely is not a psychopath. Yes a guy like Trump can have litigation. He is a target for the lawyers. With his wealth he is going to show some quirks and be considered odd by some. He does seem to be able to maintain normal relationships and be effective in business.
Trump Stressing Obama Enough to Crack Him Up - So my take is Trump pushed Obama in an area that would be best suited to shatter him emotionally. Who Obama really is. The Birth Certificate does this rather well. Now we see all the people coming forth and saying the Obama long from birth certificate is a forgery. I sincerely believe it is. What I think is profound is that the CIA agency itself is not behind the creation of the Obama cover identity. It is way to sloppy for them. Obama is way too sloppy for them in general. Then we get into other names Obama used, many social security numbers and millions of dollars spent covering up his identity issues by getting almost everything sealed. Through all of this Obama remained silent. It is too painful for him to deal with his real identity. He may actually 100% believe that he is the fantasy figure and thus it is unnecessary for him to deal with it. Well Trump forced him to deal with it. Obama dealt with it the way Madoff would deal with an audit, he forged a long form birth certificate. The document is flawed and millions know it. Now Obama is way more exposed than he was before he uttered (presented) this forged document.
Now Trump regroups, looks at the forgery, gets expert opinions and decides to perhaps go back into the ring, maybe. Trump is not exactly an open book. Trump is something that does not fit. That is why I give him so much attention. A wealthy business person running for office is one. Attacking the existing POTUS as a fraud before he even officially runs is very curious. Obama is glorying in the death or pseudo death of Bin Laden. I expect this was just a sham but did not put a lot of time into it. The Bin Laden thing is winding down and the forged long form birth certificate issues are still out there waiting to get ugly. So Trump tests the waters some to see what sort of a reaction he can get out of Obama, if any. Trump also wants to see how the public takes to his latest actions. Consider Obama exposed. He will get the boot. Then we have a new election and Trump the new hero can run and very possibly win. This is a good plan and one that an ordinary politician would be slow to think of. Trump is going about this as a problem solver. The problem is how can he change places with Obama. Trump is not your average politician. I think we may see Trump take a well placed shot at Obama and to get him to behave overtly as the psychopath he really is. This could mean the removal of Obama from office. Would this mean a new election or just letting the VP take over? Not sure. It would depend on what the events were. If it was a medical removal then Biden would step into the job. If it was more than that with some expose stuff involved then it could mean Obama is removed. Possibly he could be found unfit to stand trial and sits in some military base somewhere giving executive orders to his orderlies in the psych ward. If the expose comes out then everything Obama signed and ordered is nullified. This would be interesting to say the least. The prosecutions would be numerous, not just Obama. The shakeup would be like Enron in Washington, D.C. Of course with this would be a new election and along comes the Donald riding on his white horse.
Trump has way too much of a public profile for Obama to frame him, but he might try. He is a psychopath after all and we must not forget that. Trump will probably get out of anything like that early on before any incarceration. The bad news is that Trump may put Obama into a full on rage without a complete overt breakdown. Obama tried lying with the long from birth certificate and the Bin Laden charade. This is how Obama gets through life, he lies, cons, cheats, etc. Now since this is not working he may vent out at “we the people” who he knows hate his guts and for the most part see him for the fraud and illegal usurper of power that he is. I mean the constitutionalists, the patriots, libertarians, the oath keepers, members of the militias, the veterans etc. may be the target of the rage this nut case embarks on. Obama has full dictatorial powers. He lacks no power that Adolf Hitler had, right down to execution, torture, secret prisons, unilateral declarations of war, the whole enchilada.
I think we are going into a very dangerous stage of Obama's life as his fantasy life and persona gets unraveled publicly before his very eyes. Combine this with his complete failure to accomplish anything good as president. This can be very dangerous for “we the people”. He is a full outright nut job and he is being exposed along with his popularity dropping. Forget those stupid con job 60% poll figures. The people are fed up with him. Those figure are a set up, preceding a fixed electronic ballot election to get the people thinking he is really popular. Do you personally knows anyone who likes this guy anymore?
Obama Warning Signs to Watch For – Obama seems to get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment out of violating “we the people” with TSA. This is his pet agency. There is a strong element of perversion present typical of a mentally ill psychopath like Hitler and it makes precious little sense from an airline security point of view. If the TSA approach was valid Israel would be using it. They don't. They do use simple metal detectors as part of their approach. The bulk of their security concerns itself with screening procedures. Profiling, questioning, observation – this sort of thing. Expansion of TSA to many modes of transportation is a bad sign. The arming of the TSA screeners and giving them police officer powers of arrest is a very bad sign. If they do this it means TSA is going to become more invasive in their searches. Hitler did this in the countries he invaded. The troops would disrobe people in the streets in front of others, grope them, etc. Imagine your self behind a curtained area being stripped and body cavity searched at an airport or train station. Prisoners being brought into the penal system get this type of treatment. Members of the opposite sex are often there or able to observe on camera or in person. It will soon be the same with TSA. They will run cameras to control what happens in the searches. The other TSA people will watch. Members of the opposite sex will walk in during the search and eventually the body cavity searches will be mixed sex conducted. The humiliation and perversion will be complete. Children will be traumatized in the extreme. How will you prepare a five year old for a body cavity search in an airport, bus station, at a sporting event or at a roadside checkpoint? Not good.
Think back four years and at that time would you imagine TSA getting as disgusting as it has? Of course not. They took you off guard and will continue to do so. They know no limits and “we the people” do not seem to be imposing any limits, so there you have it.
TSA at the airport does not check ID and run the person for warrants now. This is done behind the scenes when you buy the ticket. Watch for TSA to get more hands on involved in checking ID and running the people through the database. They will need to be armed for this and have police powers. Remember when they started TSA had sewn on badges, now they have real metal badges. See how they do it. The ID screening will occur at places other than airports. Think schools, government buildings and sporting events. More and more use of no fly lists and having the use of this list expanded is a bad sign. Look for more and more Homeland Security checkpoints. Get scared if they expand the use of these checkpoints to distances greater than 200 miles from a border which is the standard now.
The real bad signs are those that mean it is too late. One would be exit visas being required to leave the country. The other one is money is not going to be allowed to be sent out of the country without an invoice. The bank will query it and be held responsible if the insane rules are broken. When this happens it is too late. You will be at the mercy of a psychopath who has no conscience and does not have room for mercy. All these measures will be deemed to be necessary for the security of the nation. Relations with other countries will be continuing to break down and deteriorate as his narcissism destroys relations with other world leaders. Obama rigging the next elections is an expected event that he has probably been working on for some time. When they say he has a 60% popularity in the polls this is a strong indicator that this is being planned. No way the jerk can get a 60% approval rating. This will feed his narcissism and keep him where his fantasy world will be allowed to thrive.
When it comes to the military this is where the narcissistic dictators have issues. They like to act as if they know all about wars when they know nothing. Generals do not like to lose wars, and destroy their own troops. Hitler had a lot of issues here. The generals tried to kill him a few times. Hitler took it upon himself to fire the generals, install new puppet generals and tried running the war himself. He failed miserably. He engaged the Russians deep inside Russia in the cold months. Experienced and educated generals would probably have never made such a mistake. They would have entered in the warm months and then entrenched securely with adequate shelters. Then when the warm months came again pushed further in. Whatever they would have done they would not have been this stupid. What really mattered to Hitler was being the big shot. Hitler never attended military war college, in fact he quit school at 16. Like Obama there was nothing under the fantasy character he portrayed. Hitler had the Gestapo, the SS troops to just protect him, concentration camps etc. Obama has TSA, Secret Service, other federal agencies, FEMA, and an massive prison system with the most amount of people incarcerated in the world plus Guantanamo. Hitler managed to steer the country into destruction and ruin. Obama has done the same with the USA but no one has bombed the USA, yet. People did follow Hitler in spite of his mental disability as they follow Obama today. They woke up with Hitler when it was too late and he had them engaged in all sorts of wars with just about everyone and they were having their men killed in the military and later on their cities were bombed very badly. Please bear in mind that there were a lot of people in Germany who eventually saw Hitler as a madman and even tried to kill him. The bombs landed on their houses anyway. When the Russian got in Germany they went house to house shooting the German citizens. When they found jews hiding in Germany these they let live even giving them food and clothing. I do not think they gave this courtesy to the Germans who sheltered these jews. My point is the foreign armies held all the citizens responsible for what Hitler did. All you have to do for evil to prosper is nothing. What are “we the people” doing? Nothing I can see. Is evil prospering? I would say yes. When the Obama reign comes to an end it can be very hard on the citizens. Psychopathic personalities cannot keep it together to win serious wars. They get paranoid and fire their generals, often executing them. They get into all sorts of secret police agencies to watch everyone who could possible be an even remote threat to them. Sounds like 2011 in the USA doesn't it. You might dislike Obama. You might think Obama is a fraud. You might want Obama to go away and even get prosecuted. Problem is if Obama throws the country into a big war the other armies are going to hold “we the people” responsible for his evil. History repeats itself. What about the jerk emperor in Japan who held himself out to be a God during WWII. Another poster boy for the wack job club. Look how that ended. Look at the price the regular japanese people paid for that idiot and his psychopathic behavior.
Summary – Obama is a psychopath, leave while you still can. Get your assets out and then get yourself out. If Trump gets Obama booted out you can always return. Do not think leaving is a forever thing. Hedge your bets is all. I see no signs of anything going on to thwart this latest psychopath (Obama) so I say leave while you still can. What did the people do during the Hitler years who were fearful of him? They got second passports from neutral countries. Central and South America never got into the war. Not just the jews but many others as well got second passports. At the end of the war it was the Nazis getting second passports from South America that fared the best. Learn from history it has a habit of repeating itself.

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