Friday, September 30, 2011

Barack Obama Lies: The Top Obama Lies Documented | Barack Obama Lies

Barack Obama Lies: The Top Obama Lies Documented | Barack Obama Lies

Obama Lies Directory

When the founders of Obama Lies read Obama’s fictional autobiography,Audacity of Hope, it was immediately apparent that this book of Obama Liesis an attempt to define the man as a new messiah and to head off criticism of his obvious inadequacies. When the inaccuracies (read Obama Lies) in his background started to be uncovered and discussed, we went to the web to see if anyone had registered the domain name to use as a vehicle to expose Obama’s lies.

The Truth about Obama Lies

What we discovered added to the intrigue. Barack Obama is being packaged by some very resourceful people who anticipated what the opposition would do. They preemptively registered every possible anti-obama web name in the popular dot com TLD and pointed them to favorable Google™ search results.,, and were all registered in July of 2004 to the same anonymous registrar:

Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

They all point to the same favorable Google™ search results:

With at least 1 million people better qualified to become president, why did they pick Obama, write his book, invent his web persona, and finance him to the tune of hundreds of millions? After inventing him and paying for him, who are the people who will control him?

Links to Obama Lies Websites:

This list is an ever growing list of Anti Barack Obama, Obama Lies Websites. Missing any? Let us know.