Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remeber this stand-up comedy show regarding our Borders (Texas)

Oh wow, I just laughed so hard I missed a gun runner putting our weapons in the possession of hardened criminals, purposely by this funny guy on the podium. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's co-workers, friends, family and loved ones probably aren't laughing at this one.. Rick Perry isn't either. If I see one more negligent post by JINOs (Journalists In Name Only) I'm going to go hunt them down with one of our AK-47's and let Obama come up with more corrupt schemes and programs to get illegals in to vote for his evil, psychopathic ass. Rick Perry is the one he's mocking as wanting TOO much for the borders.. A few feet of a flimsy weak fence, ( from a few flimsy weak feet of a Fuhrer in chief) is NOT enough for anyone of us, and not enough for Rick Perry. No , he's not for that lame ass fence, who would be? Obama and his illegals who kill with our guns for him and then vote for him, maybe even get him a little high, that's the only way he'd get by, with a little help from his 'friends'.. amigos.. So, you idiots reporting that Rick Perry doesn't want a border fence, inviting illegals in should be standing at the Texas border with nothing but your yellow journalist asses and a few blades of grass and a cactus to shield you.. oh yeah, and the few hundred feet of a piece of shit fence... No, not anyone with a drop of sense would accept such crap... But you irresponsible, negligent, effed up mentally retarded asslicks keep spinning it for us to accept... NOTHING BUT YOUR FACT DEFICIENT CRAP!!   The only thing funny, rather, curiously ridiculous is how the media haven't been storm trooped and taken down by the REAL powers that be because Americans with half a clue can't be buying any of this Bull Shit served up by this Fraud.    This Dude has done NOTHING but MELT OUR BORDERS all across the states nestled up to Mexico's front lines.  Cartels have free reign, as long as they stick to their gun running agenda, leaving OUR walked guns at the scene of heinous crimes.  We know the agenda behind it, as Obama's anti-Second Amendment Campaign has never been put on hold, just molded to fit the sheep who never question a peep.  Useful Idiots they're called, and Enemies to US all as well.  

Brian A. Terry and his family have yet to see or feel anything that resembles Justice or closure to begin the healing process, and hopefully this November, just weeks away, will bring them and their fallen hero the gift they deserve. This Country deserves the same, as their loss has become ours as well.  The Terry family is OUR FAMILY, and their son is the face and the man that represents what true America Loving, Brave, Heroic Warriors who sacrifice for us all look and sound like.  We continue to grieve their loss, as it is our loss as well.

This Country cannot survive such a blatantly corrupt "Commander" in Chief and his Corrupt Chicago style Criminal Cohorts.  They were told they'd be a burden; time for their time to come.. GONE is their time coming, every single one of them.  Dishonorably ejected, as the abysmal record they've run on is undoubtedly subject to being REJECTED -- PERMANENTLY.. Only Justice can Be Done through their Discharge from Office.  Obama, Holder, Brewer, Naplolitano (Janet), Axelrod (Axelfraud), Valerie (no experience at all) Jarrett, et al..  Disposal of  these Deception Artists is Critical to the Survival of  The People and The United States of America.     DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN...