Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Potent Form of Socialism

Barack Obama - CaricatureImage by DonkeyHotey via FlickrThis accidental Socialist, who calls himself Barack Obama has a simple plan.  It's so simple, but this country likes to buy into gossip, theories, and idolization.  Shallow materialistic, ego driven, celebrity seeking values let this Criminal-In-Chief sleaze his way into office, as Americans got distracted by shiny objects..
Those of you who got duped were too stupid to do any research, you should have your library cards revoked, lazy ass parasites...

Bottom line.  The man is as Corrupt as they come.  His level of Corruption makes The Mob look like the bookie brigade..

The resulting Socialist shadowing regime is what happens when the entire administration has been shuffled around to suit a pilferer's agenda.  He's in with the bad guys that represent evil greed, the ultimate bad seed.  His redistribution of wealth is a side effect of flat out embezzlement.  He is stealing money and robbing us BLIND.  Those trillions haven't been found, just trailed behind failed Green Solar Energy Companies, Failed everything that received "stimulus" dollars.  The company heads were in and out of the White House, money went to their companies, companies go belly up, and big Obama supporters walk away with padded pockets, more money into the Obamanation Campaign and Obama's vault buried in Raum's back yard...  When you rip off an entire country to the brink of tanking the currency ~  THE World Reserve's CURRENCY.  The United States, a revenue generating machine ~. You're a Criminal Low life piece of  TRASH taking Grand Larceny to a new level of historic proportions... Your name is Barack Hussein Obama, the Classless, Dark Soul who deserves to live down in a hole.

No mercy on your fraudulent soul.  Even Hitler had the decency to OFF HIMSELF...  The jig is up.... Take note...

The destruction of the U.S. is just a desired benefit that comes with corruption. This man's contempt for the rich who've made great things happen for the U.S. and the American People is beyond reproach and highly IN OUR FACE visible.  You who don't see it are deaf, dumb and blind.   BarackOteer Obama,  you're going DOWN.  Just take the money and run your skinny ass out of town.. We'll take care of the rest, just get your trashy self, trashy wife, trashy life, and get out of our White House!!!!
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