Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is How Barack feels about The White House, His Job, This Country, and We, The People ~ He's Classless Trash

Today's expanded West Wing is very similar to ...Image via Wikipedia

With all due respect, (obviously none), Get your disgusting stinking feet of OUR furniture.  The pieces you disrespect all have great value and meaning to our White House, which you are soiling and disrespecting, showing your indifference and ugly attitude towards the honor of having the most highly esteemed job in  the World, , BEFORE your fraudulent ass connived it's way in.  Conman, pilferer, PECULATOR in Corruptness. You are a disgusting piece of TRASH and need footprints on your ass...while the door hits you there on the way out.  We ALL Want a Whole Lotta Gone between YOU and OUR WHITE HOUSE, (the West Wing, Oval Office, the Position you're holding by Occupation).. Keep some lick of dignity and back out of this election.  Have some decency, feel what it's like even if just a little bit.  You did nothing to earn your position other than dupe and con your way in, and you know it.   When something you know you don't deserve is handed to you, you tend to resent the people who gave it to you, the position, and the work, at the bare minimum you're expected to do.   You are a disgrace to all races, with no country, no loyalty, no real friends, and a beginning of your end... You're lucky you're young.. You'll have lots of time to reflect on how greed, corruption, and indifferent negligence towards human (especially American) life has turned on you bringing you down in the hole from which you'll have to stay in, and maybe have the chance to dig out of if you admit your misguided actions, mistakes, and take responsibility as you sign your resignation papers.  Take this as advice from those who are looking out for your well being...  You can run, but you can't hide..We know who you are and what your plans are for the next term.  The first one was mild and still a campaign for the second..Knowing it'll be your last, your agenda is the unthinkable.  Don't Do it... You are NOT UNSINKABLE!
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