Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Full

This is long, but worth it.  It proves the Left's agenda is to move in the direction... Heck, they want us in a Socialist system to steal, dominate, dictate, and tear the American Dream down.  Break this country into a third world status, minimize and weaken our military, and take away most of the Constitutional rights we have, with liberty and justice for all.  Of course keeping the bits and pieces that fit their agenda.

Hillary - Obama, same agenda, minor differences Globally, but under the same influence of drunken Power hungry, greed and the need for adoration and validation... all through changing this country into something unrecognizable.   This is a MUST SEE.. If you vote, and don't watch this, consider yourself unworthy of that right.   Inform, therefore arm yourself with the Truth of the matter.  They want us minimized and reduced to a dependent controllable, slave state.. They believe we deserve to be cut down to size.  It's no surprise, they're both filled to the brim with hate.   Get these traitors detained until their trials send them to lifetime terms in PRISON.