Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Really Can't Count on The Sold out Media

Fox is o.k., but even they're going soft, slowly, but surely.  So for a baseline, they're o.k.    The best sources of information that bears the TRUTH are non-conglomerate entities...  Smaller, yet reputable blogger media with FB, Twitter, YouTube, and more as their medium.

The Daily Caller, all the Conservative Blogs, etc.  They're telling the Truth, if there's a slight slant it's only because they're still being Truthful, yet the Truth involves some harsh realities about this "presidency", the administration and what they're doing to this Country.  If you're not slanted against deceiving the people, breaking this country beyond repair, taking away all our Liberties and Freedoms that made this Country so amazing all along, the elimination of a judeo-Christian Society that also recognizes and respects other religions no matter how barbaric and hideous their practices are ( which is part of what's leading us down into the abyss), confiscation of firearms legally owned by law abiding citizens, the elimination of the SECOND AMENDMENT?!!  Hitler and other dictators did this all before they slaughtered 6 million to continue the perfect society of cleansed ethnicity.   The indoctrination of Socialism and Communism in schools, eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance, and brainwashing kids.

Get on Twitter and Facebook, look for conservatives who are speaking out and disseminating real news, The TRUTH that never makes it to the mainstream media.. Follow Darrell Issa, Tweet Congress, Congressmen, Governors, Attorney Generals, ( I follow Greg Abbott, Texas's Attorney General and get the scoop on goings on with what they're doing to stop this Radical in chief from ruining us and taking over).. Spread the word Loud and far and don't be worried, there are so many ( STRENGTH IN NUMBERS) that you won't be put on any list, he has bigger problems and anything he's executive ordered in that goes against the Constitution is illegal, unless under a war time attack, or a 9-11 scenario.  His Peacetime Defense Preparedness is a bunch of bull, and could NEVER be enforced.  It's dictatorial tyranny that wouldn't stand a minute in any court with a judge that hasn't been so corrupted that they'd go for it.

SPEECH IS FREE, SO ARE WE... MAKE SURE YOU USE IT WHILE WE HAVE IT... ANOTHER TERM, MEANS FREEDOM's Existence will be TERMINAL.. Don't let this happen.. Your children, you, all of us will be the objects of his vengeance and it'll be BRUTAL.