Saturday, April 28, 2012

The LAWYER, or The President? ~ Free Flowing Fears of the Future under a Legal Ease Sleaze

(unedited, run on, thoughts about having a lawyer as "President" of the United States.)

 As we enter the brutal sleaze team Obama's abysmal, anything goes, fight to gain more power, (The Presidential Race of 2012) we need to keep in mind that the character of the man and lack thereof has set the standard for the lowest, base man can sink to. The behaviors and unprofessional actions of Low life thugs starts to permeate the morale of those inside and outside the Beltway as well.

 The Lawyer, who, by the way, relinquished his license and Bar membership, is not qualified to practice law in the REAL WORLD, so he exercises the practice in the darkness of his residence that is OUR White House. There were an infinite amount of worrisome issues that came with this stranger who seemed to emerge from the gallows to rise up and CHANGE America. His legal studies were of no concern, although they SHOULD have been a big one. The Powers Vested in He, given to He, by himself, have become infinite in his adept loophole using, Constitution Busting legislative orders by Executive means.

 A man who has seemed to have the pot of gold dropped at his feet, backed by the most influential elite, and the most dangerous thugs on the Chicago streets, among many other gangster type bullies, is , by corrupt fraudulent means, 'The President of the United States'. The fact that he can write laws, with all encompassing self powers granted, all freedoms and rights of The People revoked, crushing the Constitution bit by bit, piece by piece, bypassing Congress and due process should scare the Heck out of EVERYONE, right, left, center, and all of the above. At the very heart of all beasts, lies the super powers of an Enemy Within, and it's wielded with his pen.

The unconventional, radical racist, Anti-American resentful man with the attributes of all that defines a Traitor, in the White House with the ability to concoct and use Executive Powers to shove freedom squashing legislation through to control the people til we become slaves in our own country, must be removed from his tyrannical seat of corrupt and excessive unprecedented, UN Constitutional powers. HOW DARE HE?!

 Mitt Romney has everything it takes to put on those brakes. A hard turn right, and this country, by an American Man of Respect and adoration for his country, will lead us back in the direction we need to be going. Away from devastation and destruction towards safety and prosperity. We MUST Take OUR COUNTRY BACK. The U.S.A. is being held hostage from an enemy we were warned about, The Enemy Within.