Friday, April 20, 2012

Never Forget THIS Telling "Secret" whispered by our own "President" THIS will be The Future Under Obama: DECEPTION AND LIES, FREEDOM Will Die

The man exhibits his audacious deceit and dictatorial arrogance, unabashed, undeniable, he said "MY ELECTION".  Two times clearly.  "my next election"  then another time, "after MY ELECTION", .... HIS ELECTION.  Let that sit and sink in.  Let it repeat in your head over and over until you can NOT DENY it anymore.
And dare we even HOPE to see how he claims to exhibit "MORE FLEXIBILITY" after "HIS ELECTION"..  In his First term he's done nothing but bypass Congress AND THE Constitution.  Never mind the countless Executive Orders, abusing the privilege, with this last "Defense Preparedness' being the most ominous and tyrannical legislation he'll never get away with.  He's initiated the Espionage Act SIX times in one term when it has only been implemented THREE times in the entire time it's been in existence, all to keep information from the public's right to knowledge ..

If you think this man cares about you, you're so deluded it's frightening.  He is concerned with nothing but your vote so he can finish us off.  If you're dependent on the Gov't, be sure you'll be cut off.  If an America respecting candidate gets in, the blow Obama will take to your safety and security will be cushioned and protected.  You will not be victimized by a Socialist wanna be Dictator getting closer to it every day.   The staged battles, crises, and scandals all hide something else.   This man is a pathological deception artist, a LIAR and a Con man.