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Not So Smooth An Operator

English: Valerie Plame at an event at Moravian...English: Valerie Plame at an event at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Navy SEAL team member fires an M60E3 from the ...Navy SEAL team member fires an M60E3 from the shoulder during a field training exercise in 1987 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team One move down B...Members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team One move down Bassac River (Mekong-Delta) in a SEAL Team assault boat, South Vietnam, November 19, 1967. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scooter Obama Outs Navy SEAL Team 6 Leader For Movie

National Security: New documents obtained by a watchdog group show our commander in chief gave the name of a Navy Seal Team 6 commander to the makers of a movie about Osama bin Laden. Valerie Plame, call your office.
Those documents, recently obtained by Judicial Watch, reveal that the Obama administration not only spiked the football and did an end-zone dance after the Navy SEALs dispatched bin Laden from his Club Pakistan abode, but was also willing to expose to the other side our playbook and the name of a SEAL commander.
"These documents, which took nine months and a federal lawsuit to disgorge from the Obama administration, show that politically connected filmmakers were given extraordinary and secret access to bin Laden raid information, including the identity of a SEAL Team 6 leader," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
"It is both ironic and hypocritical," Fitton noted, "that the Obama administration stonewalled Judicial Watch's pursuit of the bin Laden death photos, citing national security concerns, yet seemed willing to share intimate details regarding the raid to help Hollywood filmmakers release a movie 'perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost' (as described by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd) to the Obama campaign."
It was a Dowd column that told us of a Sony-produced movie about the raid being put together by the same pair that brought us the Oscar-winning "The Hurt Locker" — screenwriter Mark Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow.
Disclosing the name of a Navy SEAL Team 6 commander to them under any circumstances and offering his services as a consultant is unconscionable.
A July 14, 2011, meeting transcript reveals that the Defense Department provided the filmmakers with the identity of a "planner, SEAL Team 6 Operator and Commander." (The name is blacked out in the document.) In proposing the arrangement, Michael Vickers, under secretary of defense for intelligence, said: "The only thing we ask is that you not reveal his name in any way as a consultant because ... he shouldn't be talking out of school."
Just who, Mr. Vickers, is talking out of school?
As soon as the dust cleared, your boss, President Obama, was planning the raid's exploitation as a key part of his re-election strategy. The world should not have known the Navy SEALs even took part in the operation, much less which team it was.
Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the documents left him "even more concerned about the possible exposure of classified information to these filmmakers, who as far as I know do not possess security clearances."

Bigelow and Boal were also allowed to tour "the Vault," a CIA building where tactical planning for the raid took place, an internal CIA email shows.
"The email messages indicate that the filmmakers were allowed an unprecedented visit to a classified facility so secret that its name is redacted in the released email," King said. "If this facility is so secret that the name cannot even be seen by the public, then why in the world would the Obama administration allow filmmakers to tour it?"
Remember the alleged outing of the already known CIA officer and desk jockey Valerie Plame? We were told then that the Vanity Fair cover girl's 15 minutes of fame jeopardized our national security even if everybody already knew who she was.
"Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, went to jail because his memory of events and who said what to whom regarding Plame differed from the recollections of others, particularly news reporters. Libby never gave tours of CIA secret facilities or disclosed means and methods about how we get the bad guys.
So what fate should befall Commander in Chief Obama, the former community organizer who exploits the accomplishments of real life-risking heroes?

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