Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whistle Blower intimidation in Fast and Furious ~ It won't stand until Justice is Served ~ WE WON'T LET IT GO ~

The feigned sympathies for the staged tragedy in Aurora, CO and the sickening statement, so obvious in its intent, by Michael Bloomberg, demanding Obama and Romney Do Something "Enough Already" is beyond reproach. The UN Arms Treaty is was exactly a week away at the time of the shooting... And this med student was able to attain such sophisticated tactical weaponry and gear all on his own with what money? Government loans for the med school he quit attending. Who trained this punk to use such weaponry and other attack devices? This wasn't learned on his fantasy computer games, although the psychopathic brain wired for systematic robotic violence helped, it didn't train him the tactical use that would require a professional's training. It's beyond suspect and reminiscent of the psycho Jared Loughner's accurate ability to use a Glock 17/or 19 to assassinate Gabby Giffords, a pro gun Congresswoman who was spared her life by millimeters, yet is still recovering from her injuries. Her assistant and close staff member was murdered along with a judge, Judge Roll, an Arizona judge appointed by GW Bush, pro gun who she was thought to be consulting with in regards to whistle blower information about the felony stupid Fast and Furious program hatched by Obama and protected, aided and abetted by the AG Eric Holder another anti gun Gestapo Gangster. Private Persons are going to go after these thugs, as they should not only be out of office, but prosecuted and forced to hand over the details of what happened to Brian Terry, who, why, and how. JUSTICE FOR BRIAN TERRY WILL BE SERVED OR KARMA WILL BE A BIGGER BITCH THAN ANYTHING THESE THUGS WILL WANT TO ENDURE.