Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obama, YOU are a HIDEOUS , VILE, Disgusting LYING POS!!

This bogus claim by this bucket of scum complicit in duping American voters, ( 2008 ) Hopefully, although even then there was more than enough pure evidence that Barack Hussein Obama had a severe lacking in multiple areas, specifically lack of character - as a liar, cheater, deception artist, abuser, intimidating coward with low life thugs carrying out heinous acts to get people to remain silent, back down, shut up, he bribed, bought votes, snubbed all supporters, shows proof of extreme racist ideals, no morals, ethics, or even common courtesy. He isn't even clued in to how to make even a loose connection with others than those who are as morally bankrupt and devoid of character as he is himself, yet are also able to be protectors and strokers of his massive, fragile ego. They must be "YES MEN' .. Tell him how great he is, put up with his mood swings, to the point of calling it the "death stare". Ignore his blatant lack of insight, knowledge, common sense, intelligence and focus on his masquerade, the charade, the facade and masked impression of a man who has anything resembling a decent quality about him, a man who spoke with charisma, authority, articulate eloquence, and neutral to dialect of region, race or creed. All this does is enable his entire sham to mislead. LIES, PURE LIES. He knows what any high school sophomore knows about the economy, yet implemented policies to destroy not employ, destruct, not grow and repair the economy. He has not been overly covert in his desire to minimize the United States to a diminished power, a country with much less influence, significance and strength in the world. He is an ax grinding, greedy, envious , resentful bastard. A man with no country, no friends, no loyalty, no boundaries to what he would or wouldn't do as he has no conscience.. He believes Americans deserve to be knocked down to size, resents the Hell out of a classy, successful, well liked, true American patriot, a man who could Govern successfully, raise a family successfully, a real solid example of the American Dream, a man of Presidential stature and qualifications over and beyond Barack Obama's wildest fantasies. He is the epitome of an American President, THE President of the United States, and his name is Mitt Romney. President Mitt Romney is the American's last chance for any dreams to come true. He is the first chance we have to appreciate what we almost lost, regain trust in our leader, our government, our Country and Countrymen. We will humbly, with gratitude and less judgement allow ourselves to proceed living in the free world embracing it with arms wide open. God Bless America - with Mitt Romney. It's time to muster up the fight inside for the love of this country. Fear nothing but what we don't fight for, and fight fearlessly for what's worth fighting for. This is a matter of life or death. Listen to the Lies, Support the man who let a Border Agent die, and it will be this country's last breath. If desperate times arrive, into drastic measures we'll dive. At any cost, what ever it takes America must stay alive.