Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Caddell: 'This Country Is On The Verge Of An Explosion'

Ban assault weapons so the freakos who WILL continue to lose their minds.....then before committing suicide, commit mass homicide with concealable weapons making it harder for them to be singled out of a chaotic crowded scene and taken down. This is no reason to keep assault weapons in the hands of law abiding citizens, it's just that Connecticut has a ban on assault weapons, and well, there ya go.   All this "enough is enough" is right, Enough of this Government's corrupt, unscrupulous and flat out despicable tactics to manufacture events to further their agenda to disarm and weaken the American People, domestically and globally.  We are getting our pay backs for being a successful Superpower, as the "president in pre-selection only" believes.   Ax grinding for his miserable upbringing is OUR DUE DEBT.   He's incurring debt to destroy us, then imposing Unconstitutional crimes against us.   When is SOMEONE going to GET SERIOUS ABOUT SAVING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?   WHEN?  When we said we'd do it at the polls, he sent his moles... There was no election, it was a premeditated  Grand Theft Auto ===> AUTOCRAT.  

Caddell: 'This Country Is On The Verge Of An Explosion' http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2013/01/08/Caddell-This-Country-Is-On-The-Verge-O-An-Explosion



From Terri Hall, Examiner: "[Last night] Pat Caddell, committed Democrat and political film consultant, received a standing ovation from a room full of Texas conservatives. Women on the Wall hosted an awards banquet honoring Texas women activists on the eve of the Texas legislature convening in Austin, and Caddell headlined the event. He perfectly articulated what’s broken in politics today: government no longer operates by the consent of the governed, it’s rigged against the ordinary citizen by lobbyists, special interests, and corruption, and as a Gallop poll announced today, two-thirds of Americans believe Congress cares more about retaining their power, even to the detriment of the country, than they do about serving and preserving the country. Caddell called such sentiment a “pre-revolutionary condition” and said, “this country is on the verge of an explosion.” He railed against the fiscal cliff deal and the Republicans’ lack of a spine to stand up to the President saying if they were going to cave on the tax hikes, then they should have taken all other bad stuff out of the bill, like the President having sole authority to raise the debt ceiling and all the special interest giveways. He said the bill had tax breaks for “everyone but the American people.”