Monday, May 6, 2013

Mexico's President Calls On Country To Unify On Cinco De Mayo

Mexico's President Calls On Country To Unify On Cinco De Mayo: MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is commemorating Cinco de Mayo by urging his countrymen to tackle current problems with the same "unity and commitment" that defeated the French 151 years ago. Pena Nieto says the holiday celebrates principles that, in his words, "encourage the political forces and federal government to pursue a transformative reform agenda that the country demands and needs."

Picture of part of the safety convoy of US President Barack Obama as he is driven through Mexico City, on May 2, 2013. (HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/Getty Images)

Picturre of PART of the safety convoy.....just PART of it.....

The Vile Pile of a Chicken Squat "President" has this posse escort him as only PART of his Security Squad.  Just PART of it?  REALLY?  We pay for THIS extravagant wanna be elitist Punk's world convoy of blind mice with VICE training and capabilities to squash a nuclear bomb's wrath upon the TRAITOR in chief.  What an Arrogant Asshole, a  wimpy pansy candy punk ass sociopath and full blown TRAITOR.  It's beyond obvious, and this is an opinion made by many, agreed upon and stated here, as a non promoted collection of articles that prove this a fact.