Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shove The Political Correctness Up Their Political Corrupt Asses! Holder Must GO, and take your Chicago thugs with YOU!

Political Correctness ruins it all for EVERYONE. If you're an Allah Akbar screaming killer, you're a fucking Muslim Terrorist, and you deserve the best of the worst punishments on the menu.. This Fraud of a President has taken everything to such a radical extreme that people don't even realize what's balanced, much less what's The American Way anymore. There was a time, not too long ago, when we were free to say whatever we wanted to on any day. This Country is too tolerant of the intolerance.. The intolerance for what America was built on, stood for, and defines us as Americans.. We're bad asses who no other country wanted on their bad side, we didn't get offended, we took care of business and took care of the big problems that mattered... We blew the mother fuckers to smithereens and let everyone hate us because that was fine, as long as they feared and respected us... Now they HATE us even more, without the fear or respect, thanks Political Correct Corruptness ... Get the faggots out of our White House, and put the Bad Asses who know how to deal with our enemies, including the ones in the White House, ALL ENEMIES To The Free and The Brave, the REAL AMERICANS.

Lying, however, is the new black.. Lie like a rug, be a smug lug, and You're In ~~ Mr. Popularity Pimp, The New Fraud Nation Living Lie of a "President" and Company..The wussified wimp that everyone loves as he shoves it up your asses.   SUCK IT HOLDER, OBAMA, AND ALL YOU STUPID USEFUL IDIOTS!