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Whatever, Nevermind: Last Few Weeks in Afghanistan, Letter from a CPT re: pull out and conditions

Whatever, Nevermind: Last Few Weeks in Afghanistan, Letter from a CPT re: pull out and conditions

Remember when Obama pulled out of Afghanistan with such reckless disregard for the safety of our troops, leaving them in the lurch, throwing them under the bus, and screwing them (more scumbag style than) Royally.

I do, I got several letters from a great long time friend and a Captain in the Army, who did his decade long tour honorably.  This is just one of many correspondences between us, as he readies to leave in three plus weeks.  The troops knew the "President" screwed them for political reasons, to get re-elected.  How quickly we forget his disrespect for the lives of our troops and all who protect this country with valor and honor, two things he knows nothing about.

uesday, June 28, 2011

Last Few Weeks in Afghanistan, Letter from a CPT re: pull out and conditions

 Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Not out yet,..Going out again in the morning,..probably going to get
attacked. Where I'm going the terrain favors the Haj,...Bring it on I
say,..we killed over 400 about 2 weeks ago over 7 hours. I have to go
and get a couple of awards here in about a half hour,..Combat action
award and a  edit ... ...One of our areas is being turned over,..It takes
time to get this country "Capitalized" They will never be free,
least not without 40 years of freedom under their belts,...Freedom comes
from security,....Security is the first tenant of any operation. Your
retired LTC pal will tell you that. We are getting pulled out because of
a campaign promise from years ago. There was a reason Bush did not shoot was not in the best interest of the situation on the
ground,..Bush knew public opinion would turn on the war,..the people
would call for us to leave, implodes,....we comeback to a bigger
mess 5 years later,....I actually talked about you...good of course, to
my buddy J....edit...

I will Email more later,..I have to run,..It is always great to hear
from you,..

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From: L [ edit] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 6:32 PM
To: C...edit... A CPT USA ...edit...edit...edit

Yay, Glad you're coming back from that hole...  The O bomb got slammed
for his decision to pull out, disregarding the advisories from Military
Personnel, Petraeus said 2,000 troops was the max, as opposed to the
first 5, then 10,000... That ratio was crucial to keep the troops on
fair footing and this pull out was undermining all that had been done..
But ya know, it's all or nothing.. Ya can't expect underdeveloped,
unevolved, knuckledraggers to "get it" and become a society they don't
have the desire or ability to sustain....  All I know is that fraud
better not get re elected... 

On a lighter note, you sound in good spirits, and that's cool.. I feel
sorry for those other guys, but, they'll work it out.. I'm just glad
you're outa there.. 

--- On Tue, 6/21/11, C ..edit T...edit \ - edit CPT USA ---edit ---edit 
&lt  edit > wrote:

    From: C..edit..CPT USA ....edit....edit..
&lt ..edit ...  >
    Subject: RE: Hey (UNCLASSIFIED)
    To:  &lt ...edit ME...edit >
    Date: Tuesday, June edit1, 2011, time...edit
    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: FOUO

    No ,..You Rock,...It's the man saving face that's pulling us
    too soon,..LOL This country is going to be fucked if the
politicians get
    it wrong...It is Funny to watch 2 star generals figure out how
to do
    more with less support. We don't have a relief in place plan yet
    it does not matter,..I'm getting on the plane July
    I will tell you for its time to see if this birdie fly's,..After
    The Parwan Governor was attacked by  suicide bomber and two of
his guys
    I knew were killed and on 8-10 year old little girl walking!
    maybe their own security force will go do something about
    knows,..I have one more big mission to go do some killing on and
then I
    hope we are done.  23 days and  plane ride baby!
    I have some injuries and will be in some medical treatment
facility for
    the next 4-6 months,,..but that is life.
    See Ya! Blondie

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