Monday, June 24, 2013

What Difference does it Make? It's Making a HUGE Difference, the World Sees it, Why Can't YOU?

 These terrible crimes against humanity are HEARTBREAKING.  The atrocities against humankind all over the world
have become epic in proportion.  These offenses prove the reality of the dire situation we're in.  No matter what
anyone says, it's a fact, when we're not feared and revered, when we're weak and have no leader, but a thin skinned
charlatan pretending to act as The President of the United States of America, the barbarians will do as they do freely, without
abandon.  The World as we knew it is going to Hell on the Obama Express.  It's beyond HORRIFIC!  He WILL get his, and it
will be in proportion to the torturous pain he's inflicted upon the human race.   Hope for an airing, live, on a channel near you so we
KNOW it really happened, unlike OBL or pretty much everything this administration spins to it's advantage then feeds
to the ass kissing media lapdogs.  

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