Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Obama Refuses To Call A Terror Attack What it IS

This tragedy took place two days ago, and Germany has already called it what it is, A TERROR ATTACK against Americans..  An Albanian Muslim open  fired on a bus transporting our elite troops of highly skilled pilots,  which killed two of the airmen, and the bus driver, while the killer yelled "Allah Akhbar", the Universal Islamic chant that proclaims the killings to be all for the love of Allah.  The Germans knew it was, without question, a terrorist attack.

There have been speculations of Obama's ignorance to the failure of appeasement, which history and the here and  now has proven, in Europe, the U.S., all over the world.  Is he being paid off ?  Money isn't why Obama remains in denial and treats these heathens as superior humans worthy of rights and freedoms that exceed and impede upon ours. It is not why he denies that Islam promotes and purveys Terrorist Attacks and that Muslims are the Poster Children for Terrorism.

The Truth of the matter is that it is hard wired in his brain since pre-pubescence - his love for Islam.  This is something that makes him completely  ineligible for the presidency, forget his birth and school records, his inherent treasonous nature and favoritism is a direct result of his troubled, painful childhood.

It is a fact that his WHITE mother, back in the  1950's dated, got impregnated by, and then married a BLACK man, a KENYAN BLACK man. This had to have been an issue that created much scrutiny and vilification. Inter-racial relationships were pretty much considered taboo and looked down upon up until the early 80's, collectively.  She was a brave woman for alot of reasons, and she had to have been the target of racist criticism, to put it mildly.  No doubt little Barack had to pick up on these sentiments at some level. His grand parents were also pretty strict and rigid. His mother was a bit of a rebel.  She felt warmth elsewhere, and it was in the arms of this black man, Barack Hussein Obama.  They met in a Russian class at the University of Hawaii, and after a short courting time, rushed to marriage and baby.  Baby boy, JR. Barack Hussein Obama.  Daddy was not much for settling down and left mother and child with the intention of going to Harvard. He ended up back in Kenya eventually. Baby Barack was abandoned by daddy before he could walk and talk.

This devastated his mother, who quickly dated and found her baby a daddy as fast as she could. She met a man named Sotero at the University of Hawaii.   When BHO was a young kid, they packed up and followed his new step father to Indonesia, where Barack felt and experienced his mother's change in outlook.She was happy, found a vocation in archaeology, and her son enjoyed  playing with other children. He also had a father figure who gave him attention, treated him well, and did as much as a man could do to be a good father.

When  President Obama reveled in one of his speeches about finding solace and peace in hearing the Muslim's call to prayer, he said he heard beautiful sounds. Those sounds are more haunting and ominous to those of us not exposed to it until it's association became tied to a shady culture responsible for death, destruction, and devastation.  Those words from the new President were haunting, but he was merely  returning to his fond childhood memories. Everything relating to Islam soothed his senses then.  He was happy in the predominantly Muslim Indonesia.  He was at a tender naive age, and he strongly associates a time of brief happiness in his childhood with the time he spent with his joyful mother and step father. This was a time he was able to enjoy a carefree happy life a child craves and deserves. Although it  was relatively brief,  it was sufficient for him to have strong emotional, deeply rooted, hard wired, heart warming memories associated with living in a society where the Muslim's culture was evidently predominant. From that point of view Obama could never see the same culture that brought him happiness as being what it is today -- A dangerous threat to Western Civilization.

This is at an extreme subconscious level.  It is not subject to logical reason, sensibility, or what clear evidence is presented as a terrible, horrific imminent danger that will very soon, if not thwarted NOW, become the REAL Obamanation. Obama will be the President whose resentment for American's and our society will cause him to destroy it all..  His memories off the mainland, U.S., Hawaii weren't happy, and his time spent living with his mother's parents, after they left Hawaii and moved to Kansas were most likely terrible, especially since he was uprooted from Indonesia and sent to the U.S. by his mother when Obama was around 12.  His experiences growing up were all part of the recipe for a narcissistic personality disorder combined with anti-American sentiment, and a fondness for Islam and the Muslims he lived among during happier times.   He can''t see clearly, and no one can re-raise him to feel any different.  It's done, he's with them, and we're going to pay the price for Obama's pain and nostalgia for Islam.

That is why he is denouncing any terrorist attacks of the past, the now, and until we're all living in a Socialist, Islamic society ruled by Sharia and barbarism and everything that goes AGAINST what America stands for.

Whether it's intentional or not is up to debate. That debate is a waste of time. We're dealing with a malignant narcissist. Pathological narcissists lie like they breathe, have no empathy, and get what they want no matter who suffers.  It's as natural as a bee stinging, or a shark biting.  His intentions are irrelevant to the consequences we've suffered in only half this anti-American President's term..

Obama will always put the Muslims BEFORE us.  We need to accept that fact and CHANGE what we can, and maybe we can HOPE to put the U.S.A. back together again.

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