Friday, July 5, 2013

Never Never Land

Not crazy about Infowars.  And although Jones comes across legitimate issues of serious concern, he often takes it to the limit, devaluing the weight of the matter, delegitimizing legitimate stories by bringing a Mother Ship into it and finding witnesses who really saw something but were also on acid when they saw it..  Not every time, or  this time, but more than once deflates one's credibility.  Sad that doesn't apply to the lies we've been fed by this administration, time and time, over and over again.    Actually, we should try to find examples of the truth coming from this administration.   There's a job for a pro. 

One thing's for sure, no way did the Osama operation go down like they said.  It was pretty insulting for them to feed us that load of crap, especially since it coincidentally took place when Donald Trump was all over the Chump in Chief's rump about his legitimacy, so yeah, perfect timing...Too perfect and too many coincidences.  This guy's right,  and there have been hints that Bush wouldn't have let anything happen or if it did, it would have been top secret to protect our troops.  It would have been confirmed by other agencies, other countries would have been informed and briefed and able to confirm the details, etc.   The whole thing is so ridiculous, and still we believe anything this side show fraud comes up with, despite factual tangible evidence that's proven their lies.  Shame on us.