Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Brink Of World War 3 (2013 ALERT) - YouTube

The Brink Of World War 3 (2013 ALERT) - YouTube  This is so wrong. We are soon to go to the polls to elect a new Congress, ( At the end of this video, the narrator falsely states, with full confidence of it's truthfullness, that we are soon going to the polls to elect a new President - WRONG) The House, a Republican led majority, also known as Congress,  is up for re-election - All members ( 100 percent of seats ) are up for re-election.    We could only dream that the upcoming election was for a new President.. Obama would be GONE. Our military is hesitant, weakened, and we do NOT have any reason to go into Syria, except to convince Congress to Vote YES, then the Dictator can blame it all on them and win back the HOUSE, so he has MORE POWER. SAY NO TO U.S. STRIKES IN SYRIA! This is a political ploy.  It's very intense ONLY under the political pressure of this so called "President" to hold on to and continue Usurping powers. The Secondary intent is to distract from the upcoming One year anniversary of the attacks against our Consulate in Benghazi.  Those attacks, which resulted in the brutal murders of our Ambassador, Christopher Stephens, and three other American Heroes: Glen Dougherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods.  R.I.P.   The overwhelming evidence continues to flow into Public knowledge.  ,The latest lie exposed was Hillary Clinton's firm statement that Chris Stephens was in Benghazi on his own will.  The Facts of the matter are that Hillary Clinton actually sent Ambassador Stephens to Benghazi, Libya in an order to come up with reports that were required to be completed in that specific time frame.  He was sent to Benghazi to die.   The White House denies all requests for an hour by hour timeline of Obama's whereabouts that horrific day and night, only to state that our "Leader" did his due diligence then went to bed before leaving for a fund raising event int Las Vegas the following morning, September 12, 2012.    They can tell us what he did hour by hour when he's in a foreign country, but not while in OUR WHITE HOUSE ON THE NIGHT OF AN ATTACK AGAINST AMERICANS, AGAIN ON SEPTEMBER 11?!     Regardless of the CURRENT situation in Syria, the genocide has been taking place for two years now, to the complete disinterest of this "Commander in Chief".    He openly claimed that the movement or use of chemical weapons was HIS Red Line on August 30, 2012.   To explain his apathy for Syria, he says, in contrast, "I didn't make the Red Line, the World did"...  Despite video, easily found and clearly, as the day he told us about HIS RED LINE, he denies he said it.   The audacity of this man's lies, the cover up of so many crimes, crimes that cost countless lives, has diminished his credibility rating, (not to mention our credit rating) to a BIG ZERO.  ZERO credibility takes away a Leader's ability to Lead AT ALL.    This Country Can't reasonably believe ANYTHING this "President" says, period.  NOTHING.   How can this world function when so much rides on the authenticity, quality, and credibility of The Word of The President of the United States of America....?  The sense of urgency and intensity has and always will be reflective of a desperate President Obama, who has failed in EVERY aspect of the once prestigious office he is bent on turning into a Dictator's throne.  He is purposely crashing our economy, spending and wasting dollars like nothing we've EVER seen.  His policies have fueled an aggressive inflation index making a trip to the grocery store a bank breaking expedition for all.  Gas prices, despite the speculation and expert analysis, have more than doubled and hasn't relented since this disaster occupied our White House from the start.  We know he rigged the "election".  This nation was ready for a New Leader, and countless precincts in Independent districts showed statistically impossible outcomes for a 100 percent Obama victory.  The results were called early, and despite many protests, there were no actions taken to set the wrongs RIGHT.  Investigations and law suits proved the election, all too close as it was, to have been tampered with to an extent that CHANGED the outcome of the Romney led race.  There are those pictures from ten years ago, used in the background to convince the U.S. those are victims in Syria, they're from IRAQ, that footage of those explosions are old, the propaganda is perpetually creating sensationalized hysteria. The footage implying our major capabilities to unleash so much power on anyone is bull crap. There would be no issue to discuss if it were true. Our diminished capabilities to be strong enough if things turned for the worst is a big problem.  Make NO MISTAKE.   Obama's "limited strike" has parameters that restrict our military to be as impotent as the "President" is himself.      The intense consensus for NOT engaging our military in Syria is because we know that Obama is clear on one thing that determines the possible, or probable success of any military action at all, he stated clearly that there is NO goal for a regime change.  He has said, and continues to say it clearly, he would not go into Syria with the goal of removing the brutal dictator, Assad.   The only outcome desired for a successful mission is to remove Assad from his reign of death against his people.  THAT is where the controversy begins.  NO INTERVENTION IN SYRIA WITHOUT THE GOAL TO REMOVE ASSAD FROM POWER.    And if it's not founded that he's to be removed, we have NO interest in taking military action at all.   Obama still continues to say that chemical weapons have been used on the people, but he remains unwilling to do anything to remove Assad from power.    He is gunning for Congress to approve this strike, a disaster in the making, by Obama's strategic parameters, agreed upon by a Republican led Congress.   Do NOT listen to the propaganda.  Say NO to striking Syria.  Listen to Scary John Kerry?   REALLY?  The anti-war traitor pushing us to go into a war we have no reason to go in for?  And a pathological Liar in office?   NO WAY!    Don't FALL For THE Lies.   When this Leader Speaks, the Leader Lies.  another hero dies.   **************DEMAND JUSTICE BE CARRIED OUT FOR BENGHAZI**************** ***********Do Not Believe Any Official Who Says There is NO Risk to Going Into War********