Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lies Only Go So Far, The Truth Always Rises to The Top, Obama's Economy, Deception, It's Time You Meet The TRUTH

"Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah.."  That tune from the 80's, just that chorus line has been ringing in my head since 2009.  Actually the entire Obama Campaign started it, followed up with Carly Simon's "You're so Vain", I bet you think this world is about you, don't you, don't you?    Boy oh boy, a charlatan, a Malignant Narcissist, hollow sculpted words of gospel and messianic proportions worked like a charm.. A snake charmer. Really, a SNAKE charming the people---writhing and chanting hypnotically over The Savior.  I knew this guy was full of it, a classic pathological Narcissist.  These are dangerous people. To name a few, Scott Peterson (murderer of his Pregnant wife Laci Rocha Peterson), O.J. Simpson, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Qaddafi, Bin Laden, and many others who have yet to hit the waves.   They blame, make excuses, destroy their opposition with everything in their arsenal, verbally, on a magnanimous platform, and LIE like they breathe.  It's almost as if there's a quota they've got to reach to qualify for their position.  If they haven't, they go into a pathological lying streak to make the grade.. A+ for LIES.

It's been said that right before a major economic collapse, trusted officials in positions to make professional assessments will make reassuring statements, (false information in the form of lies) regarding the state of the economy and it's steady encouraging growth.   Goolsby just did that the other day before he resigned the next.  REALLY... Gas way up, food and grocery store items, through the roof, energy costs, rent hikes beyond belief, once clean thriving neighborhoods and local merchants deserted, run down, and dirty.  It's rampant and any third grader can see it.  Anyone of us who has a steady, regular income that has remained the constant can feel it like the violation of a robbery, a shock to the system and our standard of living.  Owebama is immune and out of touch.  When he leaves his luxurious diggs, he goes to the majestic ruling structures that house their Presidents, Prime Ministers, Queens, and Leaders.  Or he stays in plush hotels traveling in vehicles with blackened windows, no views of hollowed out neighborhoods, pan handlers, and destitution.  He visits other countries like royalty on vacation.  His bubble shields him from the effects and polls of late have insulated him from fears, despite epic blunders ( Netanyahu was a class act of friendly forgiveness) name one.

Well today, numbers are reflecting the truth.  The lag time of negligent spending and printing behavior's effects are long, but not long enough..Employment is 9.1%! . Romney is ahead in a poll of registered voters 49% to Obama's 46%...   Obama's Approval rating is 30%!!!! (reflecting a solid 60% DISAPPROVAL rating.. I've never seen that in MY lifetime..  Hope I don't have to see this traitor in Washington in  the next term, OR my lifetime... In any job that has to do with politics, not even cleaning the piss off Politician's toilet seats and bathroom floors.  These numbers, as usual, are as flaky and flimsy and subject to change as Texas weather, but they've yet to reflect such a beautiful indication of Americans Waking Up.  The American People are an Exceptional population, one of unique intelligence and an ability to learn from mistakes.  We are THE PEOPLE, and We are NOT ACCEPTING this imposter's plan to wipe out our Culture.  The American Way of Life will Live On.. Obama's way will live on out of the leadership of America, her people, and if Justice prevails, he'll have to answer to and pay for his crimes against us and the United States of America.