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We are living in the most perilous time in the history of the United States, as warring worldviews divide and tear the heart out of America. America has one chance to stop this destruction. That chance is you, right now, this year!

What you don't know, but must!
(The other side of the story)

You know something is terribly wrong with this nation. It is rapidly moving away from the principles laid down in our
Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Your instincts also tell you there is also something wrong, or
incomplete about what the media is telling you. You also know that you must be informed to make good
decisions, but you realize your knowledge is incomplete. It is EPI's intent to inform and arm you with the
cutting-edge knowledge you need to have to make good decisions. We at EPI realized from research we were
directly involved in during the late 1980s and 90s that the media was not telling the entire story about how the
loss of private property rights and the dangers of over-regulation due to environmentalism, smart growth,
 comprehensive planning, global warming, and geopolitical agendas promoted by the United Nations (UN).
These were, and are still taking a terrible toll on the American people. Today's strangling gasoline and heating
prices are but one small example. Food prices are soaring and people in the world are starving because they
cannot afford food that used to be cheap. It didn't have to happen this way, but it was deliberately created
through greed, ideology, indoctrination and ignorance. We provide information the media leaves
out the other side of the story!
Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI) an educational-research organization that since 1992 has been helping
citizens and organizations across America to understand the dangers of extreme environmentalism at the national
and international level and find balance between environmental protection and the constitutional rights of i
ndividuals. We also provide assistance in understanding how false environmental catastrophes like global
warming and ecosystem destruction are being used to justify the need for global governance (a euphemism for
world government) and religion. Towards that end, EPI provides DVDs, books, reports and articles on these
subjects, and services such as writing and speaking on specific issues for organizations. Michael Coffman

Critical Information:

Our Newest Videos:

Global Warming, Emerging Science and UnderstandingGlobal Warming or Global Governance

Global Warming or Global GovernanceA Must Have. Using state of the art science, dozens of leading scientists and experts explain why global warming is natural, not man-caused, contrary to popular belief. Unlike any other DVD on the matter, it also explains why over $50 billion of taxpayers money is being squandered on this issue with almost no scientific evidence that man's activities are responsible. It is a fraud and a scam. Thispowerful DVD that tells the other side of this very important issue that you never hear--but need to.
Endgame, produced by Alex Jones, penetrates the history of the global elite's effort to create world government using the Bilderberg group as one example. Endgame is not conspiracy theory, it is documented fact in the elite's own words. Many will find it hard to believe. Yet, hard evidence suggests reality is even worse.
Taking Liberty
Taking Liberty DVDAlthough EPI played a central roll in stopping the UN Convention on Biological Diversity from being ratified by the US, government agencies and environmental organizations are implementing its goal of setting aside one-half of America into wilderness to the severe detriment of hundreds of communities and thousands of people and their homes and real estate. This stunning DVD shows how the government and environmental organizations are quietly doing this and exposes their ultimate goal.

Must Read New Reports:

Nature, Not Human Activity Rules the ClimateNature, Not Human Activity Rules the Climate

This brand new 40 page report by the Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change was concisely written by 24 scientists from all over the world. This easy to read report contains the
latest scientific information available for policy makers and the public at large.

Freedom 21 Agenda For Prosperity

Freedom 21 Agenda for ProsperityInitially written by Dr. Coffman, and reviewed and edited by 26 experts and leaders around the world, this report offers the best alternative to the failed United Nations Agenda 21 to achieve sustainable development while eliminating poverty. It offers real hope to the world.

Understanding Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) A Guide for Public Officials

Understanding Sustainable Development
Although the average person has never heard of it, sustainable development is the buzzword for all planning done in the United States today. It was introduced at the UN Earth Summit in 1992 at Rio de Janerio and adopted by President Clinton's President's Council on Sustainable Development. It is very espensive and extremely damaging to private property rights and wealth creation. Produced by Freedom 21 Santa Cruz, report provides a clear, easy to understand discussion of what is wrong with sustainable development and how to avoid it.

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