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The Narcissist Can Have a Diabolical Core « Narcissistic Co

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The Narcissist Can Have a Diabolical Core

From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, the frightening change that occurs in the narcissist is alarming. It’s even more alarming when you see him or her so easily able to masquerade in public as such a good person. It takes nothing for this person to turn even your own life-long friends, children and family against you.
His intent is to devalue you and ruin you. Only then can he glory in his reigning power over ‘The People’. His methods are shockingly diabolical, and will test the very threads of your sanity. The Narcissist’s core is cunning, vile, heinous, and cabalistic. He must protect his ‘false identity’ with his very life; and this may mean taking out yours.
For more help in dealing with the narcissist read The Counterfeit Heart: Living with, loving and leaving the narcissist.

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  • lulu74

    Wow, you just said the same grase I said. Sleeping the enemy. I am currently divorcing a full blown N. The hardest thing has been to witness his lack of remorse, sense of loss during separation. His cruelty measures up to a criminal. he also has antisocial personality issues.
    He drained me slowly and poisned my soul. He covers up with his sickening obessesive compulsive bible reading, but in his hidden world he is a pornography addict and saddistic behavior. He is always angry and easily irriated. Everyone has to always be ready toserve him.
    life revolves around him. Everyone is not good enough for him. He has a mom that supports his NPD. She is an enabler and sick woman too. She calls him perfect.

  • Luigi Fulk

    maroon 5 its a realy good song

  • Ajay

    I dated and was engaged to a narcissist guy who verbally abused me every chance he got in front of family, my children and friends and blamed me for all of his shortcomings and havenots. He would want to have sex as his way of showing he was sorry for the verbal attack. Everything was always about him, what an I do for him and never about me! I graduated from college after working on my degree for 8 years, raising two teenagers and working full time and he told me the morning of my graduation that he was not going to make because he was upset about something I said to him the day before. I still have no clue what that was. I broke up with him that day and set myself free so I could recover and heal from such a brutal relationship that took over my house, mind, body and soul. He walked away as if it was no big deal as if I never existed, that is the painful part to realize the person that you loved never ever truly loved you or had your back. Its like sleeping with the enemy. Now I’m on the road to recovery. Thank God :)

    • EAH

      Having gone thru a 3 year relationship with a narcisstic man before…who tried to kill me when i ended it…I have developed an insight and it does not take me long to see narcisstic traits in someone.
      I just ended a two month relationship with a even more sadistic narcissist than the first.My first red flag…he laughed after we had just had all night sex…to test my intiution…I said to him..”you can be a better man”…instantly he began the silent treatment.
      Then he began to tell me I was crazy-psycho-called me a loon.I texted him and told him “You are a Narcissist and you are TOXIC WASTE for me”…he has never replied.There are ways to find out early in a relationship if you have a narcissist on your doorstep or not…I think it is sad that more woman are not educated about narcissists and sociapaths…think of how much it wouldve saved me from my first encounter.Im educating my children and know that it will save them much heartache and loss.

      • Shayleigh Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Good for you EAH. My ex-N also tried to kill me when he knew THIS time I was REALLY ending it. We had lots of breaking up and getting back together, and it was all drama, but when I was calm and pragmatic about it, he knew the passion was gone so he tapped into his by snapping and almost smothering me to death. If you’re with one of these text book pathological personalities, you’re in a world of destruction to your heart, soul, and psychological well being. The after effect can leave you with what people who come back from literally fighting wars suffer from, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Your psychological health will be compromised, no question, if you remain with a Narcissist. The longer you put off the inevitable ending, the more damage, and the more pathological the Narcissist the more dangerous and harrowing the experience and the more extreme and harder to over come psychologically. The “relationship” will end, that’s a fact. The sooner you do it, the better, and you must cut off all contact and do what you can to protect yourself from their wrath. They are not capable of love, period. They can NOT feel empathy, which is heinously dangerous as inflicting serious pain, emotional or physical, invokes no remorse or any real difficulty with knowing they hurt you or anyone so deeply. The lie like they breathe and will stop at nothing to get what they want. These people are socio even psychopathic by nature. All murderers and serial killers are Narcissistic, but not all Narcissists are murderers and serial killers. They murder your psyche and your soul, and living through it can make you wish you were dead, but the rage inside will always be unleashed on you, no matter what you do. You’ll be guilty and worth the punishment in their mind by being the one who got duped into falling for their facade, their false self they presented and lured you in with. They’ll devalue you and deride you purely because they have so much self hatred that they can’t respect or care for anyone who could be swept away by someone as vile as themselves. They over compensate with arrogance and by believing their admirers that they’re superior to all others, but subconsciously they know they’re fakes, fraudulently presenting an image to the outside world. Get close and get destroyed. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the root of all that’s evil in this world. There are cultures that breed them from the start. Most are misogynists, men and even some women. They can be that friend always has you feeling put down and invalidated after spending time with them, they can be that parent that made you vulnerable to repeating patterns with NPD’s later in life, compromising your happiness, ability to have mutual and healthy relationships, and they can also be the one that duped an entire country into electing them into office all based on a facade, deception, and flat out lies. Once they’re in, they show who they really are and aren’t, and the destruction begins. God Bless you all who have had to live through the one on one “love” relationship with one, and God Bless all of us who are forced to live under the tyrannical regime by the classic Malignant Narcissist in office, the fraud that is “The President” of the United States.
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