Sunday, September 8, 2013

To Go or Not To Go - The Argument Against U.S. Involvement in Syria's War

2008 November Election Night
2008 November Election Night (Photo credit: MoxyJane@Spiral Bound Images)
Obama clearly states his objective is NOT for a regime change, period. THAT is one constant he sticks with. THAT is the issue around going into a situation of war that could escalate into unpredictable, unprecedented levels we are NOT prepared to take part in. He is bent on convincing Congress to vote YES to Strike Syria. He ALWAYS goes around and bypasses Congress. NOW he is aggressively trying to manipulate them to vote YES to attack Syria.  This President never wanted to take any action against Syria, even an "Unbelievably small" action.  We've come to find out that an overwhelming loss resulting from the majority's consensus, from BOTH parties, AGAINST the President's request, has led him to cancel the vote -- more political prancing around to promote his image, posturing himself as a winner in this HUGE Disastrous dammed if we do, damned if we don't conundrum.  

 Congressional seats are all up for replacement in 2014. A REPUBLICAN led Congressional House has 100 percent of its seats open for a new representative. Wonder why he won't go in on his own? THAT's WHY. Overwhelming majorities on BOTH sides say no to this 'Limited Military Strike' that limits our military and the ability to go in successfully, period. The only possible successful outcome is to take action with a goal for Assad's removal, a REGIME CHANGE

 If Congress votes Yes, they're taking the blame for Obama's suicide mission into Syria with possible disastrous results. Do NOT trust any official who says there is no risk in going to war. Or a man who clearly states HIS RED LINES as any use or movement of chemical weapons in Syria, then a year later says "I never said that". OR who concocts a ridiculous narrative, firmly stating that the attacks against us leading to four American deaths in Benghazi was because of an offensive "YouTube Video". The offensive Video is compiled in many individual clips of Obama's pathological LIES. THAT is ground for a retaliation against a TRAITOR calling himself the "President". Not one person of sound mind could possibly believe this certifiable LIAR in any situation at any time, or anyone speaking on his behalf. ***** BENGHAZI SHOULD HAVE INITIATED AN INTENSE CALL TO ACTION***** Hillary sent Ambassador Stephens there to die. THAT is no lie.

This is exactly what a weak, flimsy foreign policy (no clear policy at all) propagandized in a concept called "Leading From Behind" lands us in - A World in Chaos, a World without civilized nations prevailing over heathens practicing barbaric torturous medieval acts on innocent people they claim ownership over in epic psychopathic proportions.   Twenty-five years ago the population comprised approximately 2.5% of this evil illness of the mind which is characterized simply as the base of human (sub-human) neanderthal behavior, devoid of what makes us "human", the conscience.  Malignant Narcissism can be estimated to plague over 12% of the population.  We know that all serial killers and psychopaths suffer from this condition, or rather, their victims are those who suffer.  Not all malignant Narcissists become common psychopaths and serial killers of the Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy kind; they often present themselves as high powered CEO's, Celebrities in Hollywood, and Doctors -- more often as street thugs gaming and maiming their way through life, taking from others, lives included.  They are freed by the burden of empathy, concern for and disdain for the suffering of others, and a conscience.   The President of the United States, ushered into his own throne in 2008 has proven to qualify himself into this "unbelievably small" group of psychological elites.  They're often extremely smart in specific areas, and at the same time almost mentally handicapped in other areas, retarded and inept in genuine interpersonal human relationships.  They can only fake it for so long before they're exposed.  The "true colors" one might look for don't exist.  A chameleon has no "true colors", that's the nature of a chameleon.  What kind of rational person would believe they are so special that only they could encounter a coiled up hissing rattle snake and be spared of its venom?   We can only be grateful for any intervention relieving us from this sort of threat to a great free nation's survival. 

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