Tuesday, September 13, 2011

White House Aide Say Obama Might Move His Agenda Forward Using Executive Orders… | The Last Refuge

White House Aide Say Obama Might Move His Agenda Forward Using Executive Orders… | The Last Refuge

White House Aide Say Obama Might Move His Agenda Forward Using Executive Orders…

We have outlined and discussed this at great length. Obama WILL take any approach, regardless of legality, constitutionality, or proceedural norm to advance his leftist ideology, the media calls it his “agenda”. Now his aides are admitting as such openly. His current historical track record is exactly this approach. He is quite comfy with a Dictatorial fiat style….

(Roll Call) — “You should pass this jobs plan right away.” If only it were that easy for President Barack Obama to get Congress to implement his agenda. Many of Obama’s priorities have sputtered and stalled, and the president blames gridlock in Washington for the lack of progress that voters might hold over his head come next November. But the White House has signaled it is willing to use other options such as executive orders, administrative action at the agency level and a review of regulations to implement the president’s wishes without Congress on board.

In recent weeks Obama has exerted his executive authority on issues ranging from education to housing policy to the environment.

Obama signed an executive order granting a waiver for states wanting to opt out of No Child Left Behind. It’s a move backed by even GOP governors, and one that has broad support in Congress. But nothing happened legislatively, so the White House took matters into its own hands.

Obama overruled his Environmental Protection Agency by repealing an ozone regulation, and he’s commissioned Cass Sunstein, head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, to identify other regulations that can be tweaked or rolled back to save the government money or to relieve pressure on the lagging economy.

The administration also implemented several policies related to mortgage assistance and housing without Congressional action.

Will the American people see the president bypassing Congress more frequently?

“It’s possible,” a top White House aide told Roll Call (read more)

It is disheartening to continually read, listen to and watch conservatives failing to recognize what is happening right in front of their face. President Obama is rapidly taking us to a place of no return. Some might actually argue we are already there. I would be hard pressed to disagree with them. Consider these facts:

President Obama has executed the Dream Act in stealth mode by executive order granting protected status to millions of illegal aliens and summarily protecting them from any deportation.

President Obama has executed the elimination of the Defense Of Marriage Act by executive order barring the Justice department from prosecuting or defending a legally binding law issued by congress. Dictatorial fiat.

President Obama took the United States to war in Libya without regard for constitutional limits on executive power. He ordered the military into offensive military engagement without seeking congressional approval. He worked around every legal angle despite the recommendations and advice of his own Office of Legal Counsel.

President Obama executed “card check” favorable rules on unionization through the use of the National Labor Relations Board, and his appointees, thereby bypassing congress and oversight. In addition despite his appointee Craig Becker being rejected by a bi-partisan Senate confirmation rejection, he used a recess appointment to place him anyway.

President Obama took control of private industry in the auto sector with federal authority against any congressional oversight. Then his self-appointed “car czar” made arbitrary decisions on dealerships to be closed based on partisan loyalties. In addition this same takeover used tax revenues to secure the retirement accounts of Unionized workers while allowing non-union workers in other companies to see their retirements wiped out. (Think Enron)

President Obama took control of the healthcare industry despite the overwhelming majority of citizens who did not support nor want government intervention. When faced with legislative walls as limits on his power and overreach he simply worked around them by initiating never before used procedural rules such as Senatorial Reconciliation to institute the takeover.

President Obama demands and writes laws that legally require citizens to purchase a product regardless of whether they will actually use it. Health insurance mandate.

President Obama and his state department sign up to autonomous United Nations regulations against sovereign United States citizens regarding the right to bear arms and own guns. Obama and his administration arbitrarily proceed and advance upon international law their willingness to restrict the freedoms of American citizens.

President Obama specifically designates his Attorney General to sue any state that tries to restrict the influence of illegal immigration into their state. While simultaneously working to grant amnesty to any illegal alien that successfully crosses the border.

President Obama with specific intent defies orders from United States Courts to stop the illegal drilling ban/moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. While simultaneously lending taxpayer money and underwriting Mexico so they can bring Brazilian oil rigs into the Gulf of Mexico and drill for oil for their country. In return we make guarantees to purchase the oil from them thereby initiating a process of internationally spreading American wealth and funding foreign nations economies while our own economy collapses. His specific illegal action (according to our own courts) causes worsening unemployment in this nation, yet advances employment in our neighbors.

President Obama initiates through his Justice Department a system of allowing illegal firearms to flow into Mexico merely to create an optic beneficial to legislation to restrict the firearms they specifically allow to be illegally purchased. Operation Fast and Furious.

President Obama initiates s system of TSA security checks that removes freedom from the individual to “opt out” of an aviation security screening by choosing not to fly. When a free American enters the security area of the airport they are unable to change their mind and choose not to fly. Any citizen once in the security area cannot leave even if you watch the proceedure and then choose to walk away you are not allowed, you will be forced to undergo security screening EVEN IF you do not board a plane or choose to fly.

President Obama initiates an unregulated system of Czars with no constitutional limits on their power or influence. He then uses the Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein to create a system of energy controls and directs the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to carry out an objective of “Cap and Trade” that he was incapable of achieving due to legislative refusal.

President Obama openly states that our system of governance is an inconvenience upon his power to arbitrarily “get things done”. He decries the 250-year-old framework of American checks and balances as ”flawed” and “no longer workable”.

President Obama told an international press corp in July of 2010 the United States needs to reform entitlements. He promises to cut his deficit spending in half by the end of his first term and further states he will challenge Congress to reform Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (G8/G20 Summit Toronto July 2010). However, 6 months later he presents a budget which specifically triples the national deficit, and grows entitlement spending. Then launches a specific campaign against a now Republican majority budget which specifically does exactly what Obama demanded they do. He begins a systematic and strategic plan to belittle and fear monger the electorate against the very ideas and concepts that he previously stated he would use to “call their bluff”.

Yet in the face of this overwhelming mountain of recent evidence Conservatives still think that this president, or his administration, will be, or can be limited in their destructive influence over our nation. Go figure.

This President will:

  1. Grant Amnesty illegal aliens by Executive Order prior to the 2012 elections.
  2. Pass regulatory restrictions on firearms.
  3. Regulate and ration electricity, and set restrictions on the amount of energy you can use.
  4. Regulate and ration the process of food distribution.
  5. Use his skill set as community organizer to create teams of loyalists who will defend his unconstitutional reaches of power.