Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let Go That Ego, Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the right, Come together, The USA will have its MIGHT

Stuck in the Middle with you..Great 70's tune, not particularly political, but anything these days can apply if you've got that third dimensional depth of thinking.  Someone DID make that poster quite popular, 'clowns to the Left of me'... Frankly, I'm a  joker, it gets me through the day, and I don't hurt anyone.

We can all agree, the Obama election was a big fiasco.  The Democrats with Obamanation "stakeholder" stamps on their forehead include Al Sharpton and subsequent minions, Mayor of NYC Bloomberg ? , yes, and I'd hate to label the terminator as an obaminator, but if he accepted an invite to the Immigration/Border Control reform meeting of late, then yes, AL waaahz baaahk... And not in the greatest of company.  Clowns to the left, they're "stakeholders"... OK, investors, those who have something to gain, a personal interest, and a special knowledge on the subject at hand.

Someone please put Al Sharpton on the New Mexico/Mexico border and see how long that ass hat lasts.   He'd be jumping on the mule train so fast his hair wouldn't have a chance to get a veto in... as if he or his hair has veto power.. actually, that hair is fueled by some power Japan may want to look into.. The USA? not so much.

So come together, right now, as we need to, and put all the egos aside.  OBAMA = FAILURE.. Perfect time for the Obama Roast, ha, more like an Obama BOAST.  This should be good...

"my FELLOW Americans"  Mahalo? yeah, ok.. What a week. Good one, Mr. Prez...  What's coming next, here it comes, all doubts to rest....DA DA DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!  OH good, his official birth video... Give me a break...  A stork cartoon... Brilliance at it's distractive best...

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Wow, The cringe factor --> Through the Roof. What an utter embarrassment. Obama read his script as if it were the first time he laid eyes on it, obviously seething with anger at the surface, it was so clear he was filling with rage as he read the self effacing jokes that is what the correspondence dinner is all about.. C'mon, Seth Meyers is your keynote speaker, it's basically a roast. Seth didn't skip a beat, as it was obvious someone else wrote HIS jokes.. as they bombed, he laughed even harder, seemingly to be relieved he was just delivering someone else's material... HOW EMBARRASSING the situation can get when ego mania rules. Saving face often smears it. Narcissism keeps one from the ability for levity, or any ability or desire for one to make fun of oneself.. Part of the sick disease.. Dis - ease.. un ease, an uneasiness with oneself, so extremely uneasy that anything but putting on a phony face, portraying a shiny image of perfection is excruciating.. HAHA!!! THAT'S a sad scary way.

Anyone who can't see the humor in human nature, their own imperfections and must hold onto their image is clearly in need of psychological treatment, for their own good, and if they're Presiden of the United States, for the good of THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

This man's incompetence, yes, he already took full credit for nixing Osama Been Hiding way too long for that to be worth a blink of an eye... and still his incompetence and traits that make him so clearly, OBVIOUS in a GLARING way, unable to hold the position of Commander in Chief. He even dithered when he broke into programming... no coincidence right in the climax of the Apprentice, Trumps top rated show, keeping everyone on pins and needles, or full blown panic, for over half an hour before sucking himself off in the most arrogant, credit stealing self aggrandizing, delusional diatribe of his (non) greatness and accomplishment, that they have yet to prove. No pictures, no body, no proof.. Produce, prove, and eliminate doubt.. and do the same with this Bin Laden rumor... YOU STUPID STUPID EGO MANIACAL NARCISSIST ... God Bless OUR TROOPS!!! Justice will, however, be served, when the White House Door hits Obama on his booted ass. Can't wait to say BUH BYE.. to Osama/ Obama, both in a tag team, or at least one.. the latter preferred.

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