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To Translate: This is Not an Honorable Endorsement
Further: It is and obviously was an embarrassment that was swept under the rug

He DESERVES this WAY more than the ( cough, cough, choke, choke ) Nobel *Piece Prize... *Peace **hoax ~ "piece of what prize"?
I think he's given us the answer to that "mystery" by now.... HE is transparent, his shady, shadowy, existence as a shyster is clear... The rest is
darker than the ages his policies are rooted in and cloaked behind clandestine curtained corridors, corroborators, and corrupt characters.
~ the author and company ~ conclusions in common sense
"Charismatic Creator of Chaos, Collusion in Crime, Confusion, Confabulation, Co-habitating with C*** (dude looks like a first lady) miChelle."

Aerosmith rocks, The Communist Blocks, love C****......  cold busted

Communist Party USA PAC Chair endorses Obama

by HORATIUS on OCTOBER 12, 2008
Independent voters unsure which way to turn in November may find this post helpful. Communist Party USA (CPUSA) PAC Chair Joelle Fishman has published a glowing, near Messianic endorsement of Barack Obama. Obama, for his part, is happy to have Joelle on board. Fishman is also Chair of the Connecticut Communist Party. In the June 21 edition of Peoples Weekly World, Fishman wrote:
Big political shifts are under way. . . Thousands of grassroots union volunteers are already in motion as part of the largest-in-history labor mobilization, visiting co-workers to talk about the issues . . .
The Obama campaign, drawing upon the candidate’s community organizing experience, is also looking toward the grassroots. Unity for Change house parties across the country on June 28 will bring neighbors together for voter registration and getting out the vote.
A national coalition of peace and economic rights organizations is also gearing up for grassroots voter registration and mobilization.
Planned Parenthood Action is launching a One Million Strong Know McCain campaign with house parties June 14-20. . .
All these efforts can involve new activists, build for the landslide and take up top issues of concern.
As AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker told the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists convention, “This election . . . must be about working people’s vision — our vision of a new direction for our country. A vision that includes universal health care, the elimination of poverty, good jobs and the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act … [W]e are going to spark a movement of those who are ready to make their voices heard in shaping the new America . . .
The Communist Party USA’s emergency program to repair, renew and rebuild America is a contribution toward this effort. . . .
Fishman’s endorsement speaks for itself. Yet Fishman is but one of a large throng of Barack Obama’s CPUSA, Marxist, and socialist supporters.
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April 38 October 12, 2008 at 5:20 pm
I was aware of this some time ago, but it is intriguing how little press this has received. Not that I am surprised — that is exactly what we expect of the MSM.
It is also consistent with his being endorsed by Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega, both communists. Communists do not endorse champions of free enterprise, nor of free speech, nor of freedom of religion. History shows they’ll quickly confiscate your guns, as they do in every socialist state, so you cannot resist them. And Obama is all in favor of gun controls. (Joe pretends otherwise, but that is just campaign spin. Joe is good at that.)
After these people have us by the throat, what will Americans tell their children and grandchildren about their role in this election? That they were too busy watching Oprah to pay attention, or that they had to watch (another) football game? Will they remember reading “People Magazine” or “Sports Illustrated” instead of getting adequately informed? If Obama wins next month, it will be a tragedy — by every definition.
Dallas Bunch March 4, 2009 at 6:10 pm
I need true documentation of the endorsement of Obama by cpusa.
Kurt Schulzke March 4, 2009 at 7:50 pm
The story headline is “CPUSA PAC Chair endorses Obama.” It’s not “CPUSA endorses Obama.” If you want “true documentation,” all you need to do is follow the links in the article, including this one:
John Q. Citizen February 22, 2010 at 5:01 pm
There is no paper documentation of the “official” backing of this but from resources it was mentioned in a tele-conference via phone. Take a look at the main financial backers of Obama then at the F.E.C records of donations also cross check the people and their supporting roles to this from corporations to “private” donors .As they say “the devil is in the proof” Just follow the records and such and there is your proof.
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