Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Researching the Law

Here are some other tools you may be interested in for researching U.S. law:


  • Statutory law is the component of U.S. law that is enacted by the U.S. Congress through bills and some types of resolutions. The United States Code is the compilation of statutory law pieced together from the text of the bills and resolutions enacted by Congress. The text of the U.S. Code can be read at the Cornell Legal Information Institute website. More information can also be found at the Library of Congress and The House.
  • Regulatory or administrative law is the component of U.S. law created by executive branch agencies. Rule-making is the process of creating regulations, and public-comment periods are often required. This process is published in the Federal Register, which you can access The compilation of regulations is called the Code of Federal Regulations, which you can read online at the Cornell Legal Information Institute.
  • Case law is the aspect of law that results from judicial decisions. You can find court opinions at JustiaCornell's Legal Information InstituteFindLaw, or
  • The U.S. Constitution: The U.S. Constitution outlines the structure of government, supersedes any other aspect of law, and is the hardest aspect of law to change. It and the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution, are the only founding documents that are a part of law.



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