Thursday, June 13, 2013

Put this in your data base and spin on it ....

Truth Tellers - Revolutionaries - Whistleblowers
For The People, By The People --
vilified by Freedom Squashing Kommies of the Obamacrat sect. 
DogWhistles by the President are fine, even if they send messages to the IRS and other "agencies" to screw those who want to uphold the Constitution and protect our Freedoms -- THE main job that
The President, under oath, is obligated to do. If Lies become the law of the land, as people continue to accept them, the Truth blurs what this gov't practices and creates a hazy interpretation of legality interfering with Justice and benefits NO ONE but the adversaries and enemies trying to destroy us, including the One(s) within. Not one "whistleblower" has "leaked" more sensitive information detrimental to National Security than this Fraud has done on his own, not even close. It is in our face and Clearer than Clear that this guy's intention is to diminish this country to a weakened land with a broken economy, spent and broke beyond oblivion, dwindled down to a poor population, disarmed and helpless, riddled with illness, debt, poverty, rampant crime and a sub-par military incapable of defending itself or protecting us from the most primitive barbaric group of America hating scum out there.. If that Truth offends you, then your ignorance is as offensive as a negligent act of Treason.

*Look for words that come up with a subtle, but noticeable gray line under it.. It isn't a spell check correction, or an indication of a grammar mistake. Data base - those two words trigger it, then it goes away before posting. Put that in your own information mining fields for reference. And never harm, disparage, or have ill-intent towards any fellow American of any color, religion, or belief system that's upheld by The Constitution. Just because a surper of the u kind is doing it, doesn't make it right or even legal.
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