Saturday, October 5, 2013

There is no question the "shutdown" has been another planned strategy by the Obama administration and in the works for some time.   There is too much evidence of pre-planned work, preparation, and shuffling around that could not have been done without advance maneuvering.    Yes, This Administration wants the shutdown, after all, it's no mystery that this "President" has the worst intent for this country, the people, and our economy.  What's good for the Economy, the Military, The People, and our Allied relationships will never be on the negotiation table when Obama sits anywhere near it.    Continued stand offs, immature, petty, and self degrading behaviors can be predicted with a precision of accuracy.  The antics choreographed by this rogue government under a nobody, a propped up paid off prompter reading profit for the financial interests of those who saw the bleeding carcass of was once a healthy, strong, and growing economic super power with freedoms and lots to be had by those who wanted to work for it.  
The Greedy green eyed monster spawned out of D.C., envious, bitter, and resentful of those with the networks, connections and strong motivation to succeed in their profession reaping their just rewards festered into action.  They were circling us like vultures before the future carcass was even ill.  The created the legislative controls that would soon end the free market's prosperity with a vengeance to kill.   
The Hill and The White House force down our throats a bitter pill.   We know the Democrats have been infected with this evil mental disorder for years, they just found their perfect storm when the clouds started gathering.   The hatred this man has for the American way of life and those of us who live it without interfering with others is of such a massive magnitude The Energy of this Universe will eventually build momentum and unleash it's wrath upon the poisoned energy source coming from such  a weak character, filled with so much that's disease ridden inside of him, it's grown and developed into a massive monster. 
This monster has taken hold of us in the most unconstitutional way ever, and no one wants this, but he doesn't care.  Only a Malignant Narcissist would be capable of such heinous views and controls over a land of free people, people who supported and voted for this walking soulless string bean soon to snap out of it involuntarily.   The People are coming to our own rescue. 

Newsflash: This is the Democrats shut down.  Republicans were the only ones working to make something work out.  We're in a no win situation, and when the Administration says it's WINNING in this Shutdown, it means it's winning a battle it's fighting against The American People and the United States. 
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