Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As hard as it may be, a moment of feeling for the President will always FLEE

2009 Five Presidents, President George W. Bush...Image by Beverly & Pack via FlickrThe minute one (I, myself, you, my friend, a few of us, we, yah) we get a soft spot for Obama's position, and the heat he's under, he snaps us right around to reality, back to the real deal, which is no deal, and not real for that matter either.  All smoke and mirrors. What a defective conscience one must have to run such a fraudulent scam, but then again, the resentment burns, and justifiable terms spurn... Our detestable selves deserved this guy.  He sold us the snake oil, now we're slithering in it. Yuck, what a mess.   He duped us, and behind closed doors, he high fives the mirror as he yells in a whisper "YESSSS!!"...

When all else fails, mention past popular negatively perceived moves by Bush, comparing Libya to Iraq is not only off the mark, but a true display of character flaws we are always going to see from Obama until he leaves.   As John McCain said, it was disappointing, and President George Bush has been  retired for  years now, GET OVER IT ALREADY.  We know you're not Bush, and every time Obama so naively reminds us of that, we grow to miss that Texan even more.  If he had any common sense he'd know taking that shot makes no score.  He can't keep saying he inherited anything except for the thick skull his heritage gave him.  He's got an air, but he's no heir.  Our economy wavered in wartime patterns, our morale and usual critics slammed any wartime President in all history's time.   That's how myopic this douchebag can be, he thinks not fighting a war will exempt him from vilification, well news for you, War or Peace, you'll always be known as the worst President of the World, The Obamination.   MENTIONING BUSH ONLY GIVES US NOSTALGIA FOR THOSE YEARS, nothing will make us miss your Big Head, and Bigger floppy Ears.
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