Tuesday, March 29, 2011

With Obama, it's become personal, if we want Humanity, Can't we treat our President with some?

Barack Obama - CaricatureImage by DonkeyHotey via FlickrAfter all, Obama is human.  We, myself guilty as charged, has dehumanized him so we can pick him to pieces for every breath he takes of our American air, vilify him, shred him, belittle him, and put him under the microscope because if you do this to any human, you're going to find a bug or some dirt, period.  Yes, he's got some character issues that foster arrogance and distance from the people, but we've all got issues, and Obama's issues are possibly more deep than any of us can imagine.

He is a likable guy, a pleasant looking, sounding, man, who's by no means an every man's kind of man.. He's world's apart.  This has made him exceptional and a bit of an invalid at the same time.  To put this man on a pedestal is not fair. To put a human being on a pedestal isn't fair---where is one to go from there? only down.  And if one accepts and believes in their super powers given by a naive bunch of idolizing celebrity star struck Americans, and one happens to also resent the American people, the culture, their attitudes, isn't this a bit conflictive, maybe hypocritical?  A man's character is tested when given such powers.  A man of honor and strength might decline the place of superiority, up there on that pedestal, knowing, as a human being he can only go down.. A man of ego centric driven grandiosity might accept it and take it further, running it down a road of power drunk speeding and careening off into a ditch.

There's somewhere in between there, and we know where we've been driven, at least now we do, slowly, wiping off the dust.  But in there is another man wiping off the dust, absorbing so much more of what he's unfortunately lost in our trust.  His credibility, his honor, his respect, and his sense of self.  The man can only handle so much.  He opts out often, but he really bit off more than he could chew, thinking he could swallow it all and digest it, absorb it and produce the Hopey Changey World of Obamanation we'd all  bow down and worship.  He's still young.  His inexperience and arrogance are effecting too many people in too many atrocious ways.  We go out into the world and our inexperienced arrogant asses get to eat crow on a much smaller plate, in front of fewer people, effecting maybe a few others, but mainly ourselves.

A man of pride, self image preserving, grandiosity cannot tap into the tools one of humility and experience can.  He hides and lies to preserve himself, protect himself, and they could be his own embarrassing humanizing details of his past, or huge corruptions that will take him down in the future.  The problem is in the hiding.  We don't know, and he's lost our trust.  He has handled things in the worst ways possible.  When one would have saved face, he chose to push the arrogant nose above us, defiant and superior, wearing that protective armour, for the pen and tongues of many have cut much deeper than any sword.

There's alot to be said for humility, good old accepting responsibility for a fuck up, ehem, mistake, and owning it, making it known you screwed something up, but you can't get a do over, and in the position he's in The President has little room for mistakes, but he has more room than anyone to admit to at least one and bring himself to our human error making selves.   Would anyone pass out in shock if Obama got up on the podium and said, My Fellow Americans, I would like to apologize for some confusion of late, but it was difficult to even figure out how to explain and pin down this mistake in judgement I've made, therefore losing your trust, and for this I am truly sorry..... and the guy admits he froze and bailed.  He freaked then tweaked, dodged then lodged, took his nut to the hut, ok, maybe not, but I was having fun, shoot I;ve had fun with my own mistakes in this manner, but I try to use them to leverage my future actions away from the same ones that had me hutting my nuts..  I ain't no president.

Gotta give the guy creds for getting in.  Okay, so he had some green backing him, and the  charming (I saw schmooze all over it, but then again I've had schmooze all over me too many times not to see it).. I feared bad things with this guy, but like a Bushish bad day... Not the BAMA bad day... Whoah, talk about going from mispronounced words to mishandled worlds... EPIC FAILURE BEYOND REPAIR.  But hey, he's doing the best he can to bring us there, and in his mind HE'S "WINNING"..  So who are the dumb asses now?

We're all arm chair Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, Fiscal Budgeters, and Leaders of our small worlds that can't compare to what Obama's got on his plate everyday.  Sure, he dines out, takes a few powders, and goes on inter continental trips every other month, but a man's got to decompress.  We've compressed him like a junk yard Chevy going to it's grave, and unfortunately it's not because he's been a strong leader among the brave, but I'm sure if we could change him, there'd be hope for his Presidential tragedy to change into the dream he had back in Kenya, as he banged the drums with the tribal units, bones in their noses, white sacrificial dude in the pot, boiling with the sweet sounds of the calls to Prayer for Allah to take him away.  Now Let's all take him away, far far away from the White House, anything Whitey, housey, or Controllable by this guy, the future basketball coach's side kick at Occidental College, as he remembers the sweet sounds of gavels he is going to be so glad to have gotten away from.

We love you Obama, but it's gonna be after a Change in your Leadership, one that removes you from it, and a Hope that we can fix what your green newbie butt did to us and our country.   You're set for life, you can thank the USA and it's Patriots for that.  When Islam's call brings you down to your knees, head bowed down to kiss the fleas, you'll fondly remember those White House breaks, ESPN, and picking teams for the stakes...
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